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  1. Sometimes turning a car into a hot rod puts some stock parts into the hands of a restorer some of which might even be restoring an old hot rod back to stock. Not everyone likes everything, and some cars have very few admirers especially in stock form. Sometimes it's a matter of a hot rod being built from parts or a car that would otherwise be scrapped. My dad just had to scrapped a bunch of older cars, and I'm about to have to myself. I'd rather see them or atleast part of them live on in a hot rod instead of being crushed and made into a Honda. As far as staying true to the car in stock for
  2. I love the Mark IIs even in that pink that surely would've turned up if it had lasted a year or two more. What exactly drove up the price so high on these? Would have been interesting to see how a Mark from 57-67 would look.
  3. Plymouth caps with an airplane on them? That's different. Any bulldog caps for a Buick Wildcat?
  4. Harwood makes an excellent point that I've thought before as well. How exactly is it a custom when your 49-51 Merc has a Desoto grill and Caddy caps? A '57 Bel Air and Deuce Coupe are cool cars, but there's so much better out there and it's nice to see variety though and sometimes that means a '33 Pontiac gets rodded out. Hopefully it will not be another cookie cutter and maybe it will have a Sprint 6 or S/D 455, 8 lug wheels, tri-tone interior, etc.
  5. Way cool and it looks solid. I think there is a buyer for it. What all sedan parts will transfer over? It doesn't look like a high top Caddy limo, so maybe a sedan could provide glass, bright work, interior, drive train, etc. 1954 Packard sedans don't exactly bring the money either even when really nice. Swapping stuff over from a nice or even a driver quality sedan could bring this back to life and also include some newer shoes for it as well. Seeing this thing restored would be cool, but getting some stuff swapped over from a sedan and getting it driving with the paint on it now would be goo
  6. Unfortunately, large collections do get crushed sometimes. I knew of one in Texas, over 1000 cars and nothing newer than 1968. At one point, myself along with two other family members had over 100 cars. One is a definite hoarder driving one that's running maybe once a year and won't sell even when a good offer is made along with getting new ones. I've saved some that were likely to be junked, but due to space issues am having to scrap some 80s cars. My dad held onto some Corvairs and a '62 Galaxie for years. I tried helping him sell them with prices eventually working their way down close to s
  7. As of last night the car is still there, but probably not for much longer. I didn't have the time or I would've seen about pulling stuff. The seat switch is obvious, but where exactly is the windshield washer sensor?
  8. Where are you located? If might already have been taken for scrap, but I've had a '83 Riviera which had a working power seat.
  9. Haven't seen mention of the two 90 Series Cadillacs that were built off factory offerings that were never ordered. Cadillac shows pair of V-16 beasts for Pebble Beach
  10. As said it looks alright as is and if it were mine, I'd detail it and drive it. What were you thinking as far as customizing?
  11. So what happened if someone was sitting in the middle when someone else swiveled?
  12. My dad had a '60 Corvair with buckets. They were low back, but didn't look like other EM buckets. When did swivel buckets come out and what all were they on?
  13. Can't seem to find it, so it's hard to say. What body style was it? Atleast it wasn't a higher series.
  14. Some people like them, but being that they're fwd and 4 cylinder it hurts their collectibility. As regards to selling it, how much did you buy it for and any more details and pictures?
  15. Some people wouldn't even consider a 1971 or 1972 to be muscle. Some people wouldn't consider any of the ones with a 350 to be muscle. While a 1970 big block would be great, a different year could be fine and can always have more power added later on. Oh and maybe some refined bumpers too.
  16. Post more details as color, bucket seats, console, wheel/tire combo could make a large difference as well. I know some would rather a SE over the hardtop.
  17. I have no idea why they're not more popular. I really need to find a '71 GS before they skyrocket.
  18. Classic and antique are both generic terms for old cars. Vintage, muscle, pony, etc are also thrown around generically. Most people don't even know the difference between a muscle car and a pony car, so they're not going to know what a true classic car is.
  19. For the era, the 1971 Riviera had quite a nice dash.
  20. One of my dailys is 30+, and I plan on start using a 40+ one soon. For the most part the mid 60s on is relatively modern. Definitely look out for a smart buy, but $20-25 should give you lots of options. Anything in particular that you want? Being that it's California and you're going for a daily, looking for something pre '75 will be best to avoid emissions issues. Although it sounds like you're wanting something older anyway. The values generally aren't as high on early to mid 60s performance cars, so you could find one with some more modern upgrades. My dad has a '64 Impala 327 A/C P/B Pow
  21. Definitely go back with the wood. This will probably be one of it not the only one restored, so it will be nice to see it done.
  22. A beat up Cord is still better than so many other cars. Did those plaques not come factory on the Auburns either?
  23. When did they first come out? What makes had them? What were the last ones offered? As far as tops, were they hard targas, soft tops, or did they slide back over the passenger seat? What was the point of them? Why did they stop getting made? What town car concepts were there?
  24. Those Imperials are such beautiful cars especially that custom one. Are there any more pictures of it? The mesh on the side grill is a nice touch. Hard to tell from the angle, but the front looks rather neat as well.
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