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  1. I like that the grill of the 1962 is the most unique out of the 4 years, and also the 1962 front clip was used on XP100 which started out as a 1961.
  2. Between the fins and the bumper, how much does the kit really extend the car? Truly a beautiful car. 1958 Buicks are some of my favorites. Why couldn't I have a family car this cool. Granted there are a couple with some potential, but they really need some customizing in my opinion.
  3. There's some rust on trunk lid and front seat is torn up too, but still seems like a good deal. If it were a '59 I'd be all over this.
  4. Granted it's the year I have, but I'll go with 1962. I like the 61-64s over the 65-67s for sure.
  5. Depending on options and color it could hit $20k, but as said it could take you some time to find the right buyer.
  6. Nice find. I'd love to see some pics. What color is interior, exterior, and top? How's the fabric on the top?
  7. Shame I didn't see this earlier. Well atleast you got it sold finally. Still have any pictures of it?
  8. Silver/Gray with vinyl top and leather interior. Being in such overall great condition and low mileage, I'm asking $7,500 obo. It is currently in Abilene, TX.
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