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  1. Mark, Does this look like your tires??? This is what I have on my 40 Coupe and they are awesome! Neil
  2. Ray, do you have the number for Bruce? Does he do other steering wheels such as Buick? Thanks, Neil
  3. I have a 1940 Buick 56s coupe and the wheels are red , but the spare is black. I know this car is all original. I first thought someone painted the wheels red till I found out this was a Buick thing.
  4. Still in the works of tracking down the full history. In the car were reciepts for every service the car had from 1940 till 1963. Same owner. Tried to track him but turns out he would be 128 years old today, so I feel he is no longer with us. Car was serviced twice a year every year till that point. Even has all battery warranties, and tire warranties with it. Had a new set of tires put on in 1960. Fun to read old service records! 9/28/54 Lubrication 1.50,7quarts of Havoline sae20 3.15, new oil filter installed 2.70, 1#207 maramont muffler 9.50, tax,.29, labor 3.50, 12.6 gallons of skychief gasoline 4.12, grand total 24.76 !!!. Pro bally had to take a loan out for that repair! From 1963 - 1985 no records. In 1985 car was purchased and have persons name and he is still at same address. Waiting for response. He sold the car in 1987 to a friend of my brother who passed away several years ago. He had it parked in a heated barn along with many other cars, old LaSalles, Cadillacs,Buicks etc... When his widow finally decided to let them go we snatched this one. Car shows 50,000 and by the records could be correct. It is a Michigan car and has been from day one, but you won't find a cleaner one even in CA! SOLID and spotless underneath. Interior has started to come apart across the top of the rear seat. Not bad but in need of attention. Woodgraining faded out and needs re-doing. Everything else goodshape doorpanels,carpet etc... Even the radio played at first but now has quit. Some one asked about the aircraft in the picture. I will need to find out more on that. I know it was called a Trainer,and my brother had it brought over here with 3 others some time ago. They were basket cases and went through a complete nut and bolt restoration, and certified and are back in the air. Believe they were used to train piolts in the war but not sure on that. I know the air-force purchased one of them and was flown to their base. SORRY FOR FIRST PICTURE AS I DON"T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM? MY APOLOGY TO WHOM EVER CARS THEY ARE!!!
  5. Sorry pictures did not come out on first post! This old coupe is 100% original including the paint!
  6. Thought you might enjoy seeing this old pre war Buick we pulled from a barn last July. Car had been parked there since 1987 and with a baterry charge started instantly. First picture it is just outside the barn and the next one was taken the next day after a quick wash and polish. Changed oil and checked fluids and drove it 225 miles on the freeway with not a single problem. They sure new how to build them back then!
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