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  1. Looks like Florida to some of us in Michigan! This is what it looks like a couple of hundred miles north of Royal Oak.
  2. Sounds like you have te wrong shoes, or wheel cylinders. First thing I would do is match the old shoes and cylinders to make sure they are the same.
  3. When my Grand Daughter come to visit the new cars get parked! She only rides in the old Buick!
  4. When my Grand daughter comes to visit the new cars get parked because she only wants to ride in the old Buick.
  5. A friend sent me numbers from a 41 Buick trying to get some information. The numbers don't look right to me but I am sure Dave Corbin can tell me. Engine # 54105960 Casting # 1319679 Body # 3963 Style # 41-4519 I believe this car to be a 4o series with a 248 but numbers seem wrong for a 1941. It is being parted out and trying to find out what motor it is for parts for another member on here. Thanks
  6. Steele Ruber Parts or Metro Moulded Parts
  7. Not sure what part of Michigan your in but you have Dynamic Custom Chrome in Detroit that are good.
  8. Mark, looks like you got yourself an early Christmas present! Hope Santa brings me one even if the colors turn out not to be correct, I don't mind. Congradulations on a beautiful new project. Neil
  9. Buicks39, as I said that is what I ended up ordering but they sure make things difficult when ordering. Mine is a 40 56s coupe and it came out to be 13' 4" when I measured it after I took it off. Don't understand where this one for the trunk lid came from in the catalogs as I never seen one that way. Of course there are alot of things I haven't seen and am still learning. This is why I put the question out there, to try and find out.
  10. Each seal is listed for 15ft. I made a few calls and was told they came both ways. They were listed that way for which ever way the car came. Seems strange they would make it both ways as the one on the trunk lid would not be able to seal over the channel. I ordered the one that goes in the channel as that is the way the car is. The car is all original and there was no sign of one ever being on the trunk, (glue, stick stuff etc..) and no marks on the paint. The rim of the trunk is smooth and no wholes etc...
  11. I am trying to order a new trunk seal for a 40 Buick 56s coupe. Both companies I talked with are listing 2 different seals. One for the channel on the body, and one for the trunk lid itself. The only seal I have is in the channel on the body and none on the trunk lid itself. NO signs of one ever being there. Can anyone tell me is there suppose to be a seal on the lid itself also or just the channel on the body? Very confusing as why 2 seals are listed for this car. THANKS, for any help that can be given to clear this up before I order. Attachment is of the channel area I removed the one and only seal on this car.
  12. As an owner of another brand GM pre-war auto I got into this hobby a few years back. I was very upset as trying to get information and help was impossible. I was asked to join their national group many times and thought what a waste of time. Then the Buick came along and people in the Buick club are so helpful and supportive it was like a different world! After some time I joined the BCA and have never looked back. The BCA is the best thing going for Buick owners!!! I look forward to the Buggle every month as I read it cover to cover and really enjoy the articles. I don't belong to any local chapter as I live in the middle of no-where. I have the BCA and my PC and I feel more welcome than I ever did with brand X. Buick people are special and the BCA is tops.
  13. TxBuick, I understand what you are saying and agree to some point, but this car has not been on the road since the 60's. Things like greasing wheel bearings etc... I believe really need to be looked at. Lower radiator hose is hard as a rock, and cracked,as are the heater hoses. Wiper blades are shot, and would like to be able to see if it rains. Mostly rubber items from age as I really don't want to be looking for parts on the road. My brother is joining me and he will be 79 years young and knows how to keep these old Buicks ticking so we hope for a great trouble free trip. Hope to see you there.
  14. I will send you a PM with a lead of a friend who had a 41 sedan with the dual carb motor stored on his farm for years. Motor was rebuilt than sat for 20 years. His friend finally removed it to part it out last year but I never heard if he did or not. A shot in the dark.
  15. I am hoping some others from the area will be going as like you said alittle insurance on the way. This old car has never left the state of Michigan and some think I am alittle crazy to take it. Maybe after the trip I will agree with them or maybe we will all be amazed. I will be going over everything this winter, hoses, tune-up, bearings,etc...
  16. I have decided to try and make Ames for my first national. Going to take the old Buick out of state on it's first road trip ever. Going to go for the National Driven Award. Should be alot of fun. Talked with my brother today who is going to come from AZ. and take the trip with me. He sounded quite excited also and will be our first national. Now I just hope the old Buick is up to the trip and will spend the winter going over everything as it really has not been on the road much since the 60's. Any one else from northern Michigan headed to Ames would be great to hear from, and have others to enjoy the trip with. This will be quite a trip for the old Buick as everything on this car is original right down to the paint.
  17. papaw

    Gas in oil?

    I have seen fuel pumps go bad on GM's and fill the crankcase with gas. Usally you can see this as the oil level will be way over full in a very short time.
  18. Looks like the accelerator pump is leaking.
  19. BCA judging manual state gray for 1939.Pre-war car with black engine color (factory replacement engine color)
  20. Check fuel pressure. Pump might be running but may not have correct pressure to open injectors.
  21. Believe 1939 engines were gray. This photo was published on here by a member with a 1939.
  22. Mark, Good news as Lucas Classic Tires do carry these tires in stock. They wrote me back this morning and they are the correct ones. They also do shipping on their tires. The cost on these tires are 175.00 per tire and 13.00 on tubes if you need them. They have 2 locations. The one closes to you would pro bally be the Long Beach store (1-800-952-4333) and they also have an eastern store which is closer for me in Springfield, OH (1-800-735-0166)I sent them a picture to make sure these were the same tire and they confirmed. Neil Thanks suchan for the lead
  23. suchan, Thanks I sent them an e-mail with a picture to see if they are what we are looking for. Neil
  24. Mark, I am trying to track down where they came from as I would like a set for my 36. I know the widow of the former owner and we are going through stuff yet. I have all records of every service 1940-1987. I know the former owner bought these as the last set on the car was in the 60's. He never drove the car in the 22 years he had it. It sat in a private collection till his death so they were new when I got them and I fell in love with the way they handled. I will let you know if we come up with anything more on them as she believes she can trace down where he bought them. Neil
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