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  1. When I was a kid I always liked station wagons. Every one told me station wagons would never be worth anything! Try and buy a nice wagon today. My belief is that the 4 door cars will be next. The 2 door cars, convertibles, and now wagons have gotten out of site. What is left, yes 4 door cars. A nice 4 door is really nice to cruise with the family. They are starting to climb up in value as the others have peaked out.
  2. You may want to go down the forum a little to the Buick section and post under the Buy/Sell part. Join the Buick Club of America also as there are a lot of good people there who can help you out.
  3. Got mine also and are hung in the garage. Thanks
  4. I read on another form that Bumper Boyz no longer does their own chrome work but sends it out to Mexico. Take it for what it's worth.
  5. This is the coil and it just says C 5000. I have tried before to find out what it was for with no luck. Any one that can use it PM me.
  6. I have a like new Mallory 6 volt coil. Have no idea what it went to. Who used Mallory coils? or were they an after market?
  7. I can remember our neighbor bought a brand new 1966 Caprice, 4dr, ice blue, white vinyl top, 283 2bl, with a four speed. This was the family car and he would not own an automatic. He gave the son the old car it was a 1959 Chevy Brookwood Wagon, also 283 but a 3 on the tree.
  8. My 1940 Buick has the original factory paint and has never had a repaint. The welting is black and no paint on the welting. The problem is the car is black and if there was paint it could have came off over the years, but I see no signs anywhere of paint on the welting. The paint on the metal is down to primer in spots so if they were painted new it could all be gone.
  9. As many may not know I suffered a stroke in February and lost the use of my left side also. I spent the winter here in northern confined to a wheel chair. In the springI graduated to a walker. I cancelled my plans to attend the BCA nationals which was really a hard thing to do as I had looked forward to it for a year. Today I can report I can drive the old Buick and I will make a national yet. I have made a full recovery now other than a droppy eye, and I know first hand you can do it. The people on here and determination, is what got me through it and pray it works for you also.
  10. Thanks First Born!, She is a ham and my everything.
  11. On my 36 Pontiac I had a simular problem and it took me years to find it. The wire from the ignition switch to the coil, runs through a steel cable to the bottom of the coil. The old wiring was frayed inside the cable and would short out against the steel casing. When taking off after it was warm it would move just enough to short and start fluttering and then finally stop. Probally a long shot but another thing to look at. I hope you find it and it doesn't take years as it did me. It makes it to where you never want to drive it always fearing you going to break down. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Our neighbor gave our son a 96 Century with 120k on it andhe drove it for 3 years and he never spent a dime on that car! His girlfriend ended up totaling the car but it was a great car. It sat for 2 years beside his house before the neighbor gave it to him and it would not start. We smaked the starter with a hammer and it started right up and when it got totaled it still had the same starter in the car 196k miles when it was killed. GREAT car!!!
  13. Believe me when I tell you everything in Michigan is going up. For the ones of us that stayed here they want us to pay for everyone that left Michigan. All it is doing is forcing more people out! Don't try and explain this to our govenor as she just don't get it !!!
  14. Jams, yes I said try the Olds forum but like it was said you might get more up here. Looking for certain things and Olds tech maybe go to the Olds forum. I have a 1936 Pontiac also and the Pontiac forum proved not very good as not many people on it. My Buick on the other hand the Buick forum has been great! All I can say is try both. Personally I will be following your post as I love the originals. I got talked out of restoring mine as it was to good to touch and now I am glad I did and drive it everywhere. Papaw
  15. next group dpwn on this forum is the Buick forum. Make sure to join BCA as you will get alot out of it.
  16. If you look a little down on this forum you will find the Oldsmobile forums. Can't think of a much better place to start, for friends, members etc...
  17. I have a 1940 Buick that is all original and I will say I have met more people and had more fun with this car than I did with my Corvette. Have met alot of people on here as well as in town that I would have never met if it were not for the old Buick. It is my daily driver in the summer and can't wait till this snow is gone and the old girl comes back to life. Do what ever it takes to try and keep the Olds as you will find many new and great friends here, and at shows, and just going to the store.
  18. I have a new turn signal unit and instructions I will let go for 10.00 plus 5.00 for postage.
  19. I went to CCC about 7 years ago to purchase a 1963 Ford Fairlane. The car ran good and was clean body. It was a four door 6 cyl. 3 on the tree. I wanted to buy it for my son to restore. The brakes were gone as the brake line was rotted out. I yard drove it and offered 1500.00. They wanted 1700.00 and turned down my offer. We went on down the road and bought another car. Last summer he and I were out that way and stopped in, the Fairlane was still there. Now many years later the car sat in a big mud hole and was totally rotted away. Funny thing is car was still on the web site with the same pictures and price from years ago. Just saying this as double check with them before making a 500 mile ride as him and I did.
  20. I just joined this year and was looking forward to Ames.When I pulled up the cost of everything for me to attend I believe it is not going to happen. The fees went up a month after I joined. I went to get a membership for my brother when I found out that they had went up. I enjoy the Buick family but being retired on a fixed income I think this will be my one and only year for BCA.
  21. J&G Refinishing has a add on page 11 in this months Bugle.
  22. My 2936 Pontiac has wood in the doors and floor...
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