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  1. What a great looking GS> I agree this model can grow on you!
  2. Bob's Automobila has the bracket and lens. They are also the same on the 1936 Pontiac. I got the lens from him a couple of years ago for my Pontiac and it stated also for Buick on the box.
  3. My youngest son (23) loves old Crown Vics! That is all he buys. He says they are the best car ever built. I agree they are an awesome car, but I think his attachment is from riding in them in the back seat to much with the local PD, when he was younger.
  4. If you go under the RENU site Graham Man posted there is a dealer in Louisville KY.
  5. I like the plastic coated wiring! Could not even do it with the correct cloth covered wiring.
  6. I think they did as his postings are gone!
  7. My friend ended up buying that Corvette> It was a expermenal vette which only 3 were built. The Beach boys owned one and the other one was scraped years ago. I have been trying to find the car for some time as he drowned here about 10 years ago and don't know what ever happen to the car. He spent all his life restoring it to original, and last time I seen it it was beautiful. Do you rmember it had chrome headers coming out of the vent area and wrapped into side exhaust? That was all factory built. He died one day before retirement. He worked at Ford Livonia transmission plant, never married and his whole life was that car. We had a lot of good times in it. ( By the way it was back to Nassau Blue) the original color shortly after he bought it. Yes, Teds and all the cool hang outs. I was a Telegraph boy but did make it to Woodward to race with the rich boy's when a friend had a fast enough car! GOOD DAYS AND GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes, you are right I remember that name now. Is the old car still on top? I usally go down for the Woodward cruise, but just don't pay attention. My friend own's the resturant just north of 13 on the west side and usually hang out there with him. As a kid I use to cut the field behind the old Cities Service on the north/west corner there. Believe it's a Mobil today??? My kids were all born at Beaumont there also.
  9. My son just had this happen with a front tire on my old Safari van. It wasn't to funny as came off at 70 mile an hour on the freeway and jumped the wall an got 2 cars comming the other way. He just got it out of a chain tire company (which I won't name) and had 2 new tires put on the front.
  10. Barry, I remember a place on Woodward with an old car on top of the building with white stripes painted on the front tires. The tires would turn like it was running. I believe it was called Bob's but think it was an alignment shop. I could be mistaken as it has been many, many years. I know Bob's has been in Howell for many years but could very well be the same place. I know of alot of people who have used them and been real pleased,and I intend to use them to re-do my clock on the 40 and the Riviera. I also am going to have my trip odometer looked at on the Riviera as it stayed on 333 miles all the way to California and back. I could re-set it but would only work till it hit (9/10th's) and won't roll over to the next mile.
  11. Barry, try Bob's speedometer repair. They are close to you in Howell and do guage repair and restorations. Do not send it out of the country as my brother did with a 40 BMW and got lost as you have no recourse overseas. Took 30 years to locate a set in place of them and had to go to Germany to get them
  12. Yes, I understand why Barry put turn signals on the pick-up. I had a person one day almost run me over as my arm was out the window yelling at me for not using my turn signal as I was pulling into a cruise night. It was in the Royal Oak area which I know you are familar with. Barry is not far from there and into even higher traffic area. That is why I moved up north to get out of the traffic!!!
  13. My '36 Pontiac had only one tail light and you would not believe how many people had to tell me that my right tail light did not work! Guess they didn't notice there wasn't one. Back to putting your arm out the window! I just can't believe how many drivers there are that have no idea what hand signals are today. Guess that is something they don't teach in modern driver's ed. Nice car, keep it original!
  14. Yep, another 73 with the sping loaded R on the header panel. I like it and wish mine had it.
  15. 1935 and 1936 Engines are all by them self and very hard to find parts for. I am finishing up a rebuild of one now, and finding parts was no picnic. Problem is things like the water tube and internal parts that rot away from age. Most all these engines have gone now with only a 2 year production, and been replaced with updated motors. I wish now I would have upgraded to a newer engine as to the cost to rebuild!
  16. Wanted to buy/ a black seat adjuster knob for a 1973 bucket seat Riviera. I need a passenger side but believe both are the same. Thanks for any help>
  17. Ours would also be small 1940 Buick Coupe 1973 Riviera Boat tail 1965 Corvette convertible 1962 AC Bristol coupe 1940 BMW 327 Cabrolet 2011 Corvette Grand Sport
  18. Would love to hear the story of how you came across such a beautiful find. Nice score!!!
  19. Mr Earl, I think you must be right. As for 53Nailhead, under the cover is my old 1940 Coupe waiting for the addition on the garage to be completed. It is 100% original even the paint. These 2 cars sat next to each other in a barn since 1988. I got the coupe 2 years ago and finally went and rescued the Riviera last week. Just so you don't yell at me the coupe is back in the garage as the Riviera and I are leaving in the mornning for Arizona, then LA, Vegas and then back home to Michigan. By then the addition should be complete. Neil
  20. No offence taken as I wonder how she has put up with this old cuke for the last 23 years.
  21. My wife and the new Boat Tail
  22. How about the Tucker center headlight that steered with the car.
  23. Nice looking car. Love the color combo!
  24. My 81 Corvette was lacquer, but it was an early 81 before they moved the production to Bowling Green. When they moved the production to Bowling Green they switched to enamel. Not sure if this was true for all GM but would say the switch came early 80's. This is only a quess and sure some one will chime in with the correct year.
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