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  1. I had a 65 Impala SS with a 409 tri power, 4speed. Hated the car as it had all white interior and I was a mechanic at the local service station. I could not afford the gas (it was .33 a gallon) so I traded it for a 64 Pontiac Bonneville which had black interior. STUPID, STUPID. So now I have a 73 Riviera with a 455, and gas is 3.33 a gallon. Can't win.
  2. I think the 40 would look really good in my garage also! I had a 62 Mercury convertible and loved that car but it was really slow back in the day compared to all my buddies. It had a 292 auto and the weight of that convertible it was no speed demon.
  3. Marty, I don't believe '59 Pontiac's had a straight eight? Maybe a 49?
  4. My mom was Canadian and we went to where she was raised every other summer. I always remebered seeing all the cars there with the bodies half and half. One US car front and another back half. My cousin had a 62 Chevy like my parents except his came with a Pontiac motor. I think alot of them were really neat looking!
  5. Remember Haney Buick as it was just around the corner from where I grew up. Notice the Vermont phone number exchange, and the zone number. (zip code now) My son saw an old ruler I had with a VE (Vermont) number on it and said what kind of phone number is that. Oh the good old days!!! Haney Buick was the old Andrews Buick in the 40's.
  6. There are a few little business in operation in parts of the plant. I use to have to go there and pick up parts before I retired and it was a scary place to go to, especially at night. sad to say it really does need to go. So sad but many building downtown are beyond saving, like the old Grand Central Station, Cadillac plant etc...
  7. The plate is located on the upper part of the firewall (passenger side) right above heater box.
  8. Next time you have the car running reach under the dash, and wiggle the cable going from the ignition switch, to the coil cap. It will tell you real quick. You can't get to it under the hood.
  9. Weather your condensor shorted or not if the wire has any fraying it can short out in the tube. You said the wire was fried to the condensor. It really don't matter as mine was fine also but it doesn't mean this can't be your problem. Not hard to check as the ignition and coil type casing and coil cap are one piece. Just a thought as I know mine drove me crazy for a year. Neil
  10. Ok Jim let me tell you what happen on my 36 and took forever to find. The hot lead to the coil runs through a metal tube from the ignition to the coil. The old insulation had worn in a few places and would short out to the metal casing. (from Ignition to coil) The car would run great sitting still, but any movement it would short just enough to cause it to miss. Finally one day it quit for good (a year later) and finally found the problem. The cable housing goes into the cap on the coil. Twist off and see what your wiring looks like. Mine was in the middle of the casing so had to pull the ignition and cable out and rewire. This could be what caused your condensor to short also.
  11. Looks really nice Chris! ENJOY
  12. Check the switch itself in the column. I have seen the little brass contacts get worn were they do not make a good contact. I had one that had a week spring under it and replaced with a shorten ball point pen spring. It worked, for how long I don't know as I sold the car shortly afterwards.
  13. Gray is the correct color for a 1940. Also black is accepted as GM replacement engines were black. This is correct per BCA judging manual.
  14. Better hurry if you want a new Checker. There is 2 on e-bay one with 19 miles and one with 22 miles. Proto types put away when new. One for 150,000 and the other 200,000. Better hurry and snap these up!
  15. If I remember correct right side mirrors are generally mounted an inch and a half closer to the back than the left. It has been a while as the last dealer I worked at was 1975. Make sure you use a inner bracket on the under side too support it from pulling through the newer sheet metal.
  16. My brother in law always bought Checkers and I always wondered what my sister saw in him? He loved his Checkers and kept the last one he had till the body rusted away. He was a good guy and a wonderful husband to my sister. They would have been married 60 years last June but we lost him in February to cancer. He and I shared birthdays and he married my sister the day I was born. I kept my mom from the wedding! Many great memories of him, but the thing I remember the most were those ugly old Checkers!
  17. I guess the good Lord decided we did not need anymore this year and the storm that hit the east coast and the south missed Michigan. Very rare the snow misses us here in northern Michigan, but this one did.
  18. We also would like to wish evryone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I agree the people on this forum are great and nice second family. Not sunny and warm here but we have a white Christmas. Neil and Barbara
  19. You can purchase the tape and put it on and then cut it out with an exacto knife. When apply it to the lid use a heat gun to warm it slightly and it will form to the trunk lid.
  20. Thanks for the reply's. I am getting ready to put an order in at Classic Buicks and did not see they had it. Now I will just add it to the order. THANKS
  21. Thanks for the suggestions. I am not sure a HVAC supply would have the correct material. I am also a little afraid to deal with NJ. (have had bad experience) Has anyone tried the NJ material? Guess I am spoiled because I have had such GREAT service from Bob's on everything I get for the 40. I only wish he delt in the Riviera's!
  22. Any one suggest where to purchase the insulation for under the hood? Cleaning up under the hood and realized I really need to replace the insulation. I tried to turn it over but it is dirty all the way through.
  23. On e-bay right now 2 days left P0NTIAC -BUICK-GTO Reel out trunk light option - eBay (item 120653037750 end time Nov-30-10 13:13:10 PST)
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