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  1. was working on the car today and realized a W in the corner for the paint code. Did not see it till I cleaned up the data plate. Now I know what the original color was. The color was Canterbury Gray Dark.
  2. Thanks, under trim it has T10 and I kinda also threw me off as what the T is for.
  3. Can anyone tell me what color T10 is for a 1948 Ambassador. I know car was repainted years ago and want to return to original color.
  4. Sweet looking car! I think you deserve it, go ahead and put it in your drive.
  5. SOON Woodward cruise and you will have an experience you'll never forget!!!
  6. As a former area resident I agree stay out of Pontiac, but Auburn Hills is nice area. I delivered that plant a lot before I retired as well as truck and bus. I retired to Northern Mi and winters up here are brutal, but in that area not bad and everything plowed. You will be in the heart of Woodward Cruise now every August and will see what a true car area really is. You will love it I am sure. Congrats on the new job!
  7. I bet it has a different front end under it as if you look at the interior shot of the steering wheel it has a tilt wheel column from a newer era.
  8. 4cyl, or 3.0 ? 4 cyl, timming belt.
  9. I remember my neighbor ordered a 1966 Caprice fully loaded 4 door, ice blue with a white vinyl top, 283 2bl, and a 4speed.
  10. Word to the wise, if you have historic plates on your car they love to hand out tickets during the week. Use to go every year but moved north and now do the 28th street cruise out of Grand Rapids.
  11. papaw


    Dave gave me so much info on my 40. He was amazing and always there to help. He is greatly missed by many.
  12. Good looking car, hope it finds a good Buick home.
  13. Do not like the rear design, the rest looks good.
  14. Thanks Brian for the answer as I seen in an earlier post driven class and show day was different and wanted to clarify.
  15. Thanks for the help, so I now figure this car was an early built Riviera, built in 1972.
  16. So, if someone wanted to drive in for just a day, could the car be entered for the driven class and what day???
  17. So, the last 7 digits are H407634. Does this mean it was the 7,634 one produced?
  18. So my car reads 08C so 3rd week of August, now would that be 1972 or 1973??? The car is a '73, but don't know when the new models were introduced back then.
  19. Noticed there are two Quality Inns in South Bend. Which one is the closest?
  20. My granddaughter and the Riv
  21. I had one I re-done and put in my garage. The following month my electric bill to my garage went up $25.00. I could not believe it was the fridge so I unplugged it and the electric bill went back to normal. A few months passed and decided to try again to prove to me it was the fridge and sure enough it went back up. Not trying to rain on your parade, just be ready for a higher electric bill.
  22. I agree with Mark on the Goodyear all weather. Good tire and handle good.
  23. I am just north of you in Baldwin. If you need any help let me know. I will keep it in mind for fellow Buick folks this way.
  24. My favorite to snide remarks about Ford " FirstOnRaceDay"
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