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  1. There is a group that does the route 66 tour each year. Last year was the first year and I joined them at the start in Joliet IL. The same group does a old US27 tour in Michigan each year and it is fantastic. Last year they had nearly 800 cars. Well organized and planned. This year the 66 tour is Oct. 4th - 18th. www.route66motortour.com

  2. Both good guess. The car did not have a vacuum clutch to my knowledge but will pull out shop manual tomorrow and read more. I have read it over and over and don't recall anything on vacuum. To convert cars to RHD good thought, but why the loop? I wonder what years this was used on, or if any other Nash owners have this. I posted in the Nash section but no replies.

  3. I have been trying for several days to get an answer to what this steel loop at the back of the motor is for. It shifts back and forth but have no idea of what it does or what position it should be in. It is mounted right at the back of the motor at the bell housing. Car is a 3 speed standard with OD. Any one know what this is for?


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