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  1. I added the picture of the parts I had with it.... Try taking yours out and cleaning it up a bit. I messed with mine for a day or so till I figured out where my power stopped, fixed the wire, and went from there. The only problem I had was the speaker I bought was wired up wrong after being re-coned, and fried a capacitor.. I got it fixed and it fired right up.. Thanks as usual for the help, and the pictures!!! Take care, Jeff
  2. Im looking to buy a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr speedometer cluster.... can anyone help???:confused:
  3. check out this website and go to the sources section... Merv Adkins should have these at a reasonable price. If he doesn't have them he can direct you to them.
  4. Thanks a ton Phil!! Did you install that yourself? Are you familiar with the hardware that came with the radio? I have 2 bolts, one is kind of crooked with a wing nut on it. The other has a wing nut as well, but is a bit more straight, there are also 2 triangular brackets with 2 holes on the flanged end, and I believe a couple more holes on the flat triangular surface. Yes, on the radio there are 2 double lipped flanges where it looks as if the bolts with the wing nuts attach?? Does this sound right?? Here are the parts I got with this. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Our forum seems to be a bit quiet lately... But I figured I'd give this a try... I got a hold of a radio for my "Old Abe". After a bit of smoke, a few sparks and some choice words, I got it up and running. Everything from the push button to the manual tuner, works great!! I do have a problem however... I can't for the life of me figure out how or where to mount it under the dash. I have 2 bolts with wing nuts on them, 2 triangle shaped brackets, and 2 pieces of flat stock that are bolted together. I was told that under the hood there were dimples that are to be drilled for the installation of this but I can't find them. Would any of you happen to have, or be able to produce some pictures of under the dash and in the engine compartment of a vehicle with one mounted in it? Any help, pictures or advice be most helpful... Thanks, Daddio
  6. Ok, all is well with "Old Abe". I have put several hundred miles on the old boy, an it runs really well.... New project... I aquired a radio, and with a little tinkering and such I got it up and running. Everything seems to work properly on it. I would like to install it in my "39" however I really dont want to drill into it until I know exactly where it is supposed to go. I was told that inside the engine compartment there were dimples as to where this was to be drilled? I can't seem to locate them. Would any of you happen to have any pictures you would be willing to share from both under the dash and in the engine compartment? They would be most helpful. Thanks again for all of the help. Oh, I did get some mounting hardware with this radio one crooked bold with a wing nut on it, another straight bolt with a wing nut on it, 2 triangular type brackets, and 2 pieces of flat stock bolted together?? Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Daddio
  7. I am an Amsoil freak... I use straight 140 weight in my 39. Although there was never any "whining" in the gears, I like the fact that there is no breakdown @ 110 degrees in a Cornhusker summer. Just my preference though..
  8. Nicely done!! WOW!! I love the look! I bet it drives as good as they come!!
  9. I saw that listed on your site as well... I found this motor in the garage where this car was stored, I assumed it was the right one.... is there a year difference on the mounting setup? Thanks for sharing CBOZ!! Jeff
  10. Ok Zephyr fella's take a look... To the best of my knowledge, this is correct... Look it over and let me know your thoughts.... I have been looking at different pictures and this is how it all looked to me. Be honest, this is all new to me, so I'd rather have it right, than not. Thanks for looking!
  11. Happy Birthday Rolf!!! Thanks for all of you help with my project!! I hope your birthday was a great one! You surely deserve it!!
  12. I just bought the "flapper" this morning for mine from Chris there. That and some tail light gaskets and headlight gaskets. He is a good guy, straight shooter... Keep the pictures coming, looks great! Jeff
  13. In some of the pictures I have seen, I think your 1st picture is correct. By the way, where can a guy get one of those decals? I need one of those for my "project".... Lookin good!! Did you have that powder coated??
  14. I removed it from the inside. It was easy with the hood off, and my son added with the extra hands. Just remember to use plenty of windex, it will slide out really easy. TAKE YOUR TIME..... Don't push too hard, just use even pressure or you WILL break the glass. Patience will be needed here:). If you have any other questions, you can email me. I am by no means a pro at this stuff, but trial and error is always your best teacher!
  15. Thanks for all the help fellas!! If you could, would you take some pictures of those ends? Maybe I can modify them?? Otherwise I'll keep pluggin away, something will turn up. Thanks again guys as always this forum is a huge help!! Jeff
  16. I used windex and a snap-on hose removal tool to remove and install both my front windshield, and my rear windows. The snap-on tool has a sharp edge on it so I filed it smooth. Once I removed the garnish from the windows I had my son lightly push on the window from the opposite side I was working on. The windows came out easy, I just made sure there was plenty of windex on the rubber to allow my tool to slide. I liked it as well when installing the glass too. A little windex and with that new rubber on the glass, it all went in slicker that anything. I fitted my rubber gaskets before I cut them and allowed 1/4" extra to allow for a good tight seal. I did check it with a hose and had no leaks. Maybe I was lucky. Some of the window guys like to use a spray silicone however I was afraid it would damage my already frail original interior, your choice however. Good luck my friend!
  17. Thanks for the reply. The radio I have is a Philco brand radio. From what I have been told, the cable is approx. 18" long, looks like a speedometer cable, and has (2) screw ends on it. the inner cable has a notch cut in it to fit inside the radio box, and the radio head. I think that is all I need for this is just the one cable. I will however need to figure out the wiring and such to make it work. Any other information from others is most welcome. Thanks again for the help, but I don't think the Motorola head will work from your description. Much appreciated, Jeff
  18. I believe that when the switch is turned on the flapper opens on it's own. That spring is a light one I assume? I am in the process of getting mine installed as well, but my flapper is not in that good of shape. It looks nice! Do you have anymore pictures of your system to show?
  19. I checked with Merv...nothing. I figured I could make one but I can't find the proper ends for it. Would anyone have a wiring diagram for one of those little boogers by chance as well?
  20. I know this is not the right forum for buying/selling, however this forum is read more than the others... I am in need of the tuner cable for my Zephyr radio.. The cable that goes from the head to the radio box, similar to a speedo cable. Would anyone happen to have one they would like to part with? I have been in touch with several of our "sources" but to no avail as of yet. Thanks a ton, Daddio
  21. Did you check with Merv Adkins?? He has a ton of parts available. His info is available in the sources section of the LZOC site?? Also Boos-Herril??
  22. I just got done with my engine... first rule, take your time, do it right the first time!! I used a heavy duty engine stand bolted to my bell housing with grade 8 bolds. I made a rod to support the front of the engine so it would not add any excessive stress on the bell housing. Make sure your machine shop is familiar with a flahead engine. I learned through trial and error that even though a machine shop can build a $15,000 race engine, they don't know crap about a flat head...especially a V12. If in doubt... re-work it or replace it if possible. From the oil pump, to the lifters. I learned that if you question the condition of any part, this forum will help with ideas and answers to your many questions. The biggest part is be patient, learn from it, ask a ton of questions...have a kid help you, and have fun!! It will be worth it in the end. If you have any direct questions, feel free to contact most any of us. We could direct you to parts suppliers, machine shops, technical guys and a good group of people willing to make sure you have something to be proud of when it is all said and done.
  23. Ray, I took the car to them. they taped off everything. I went under the car with aluminum A/C tape to form the correct floor pan lines and they sprayed over them. Then I undercoated the floor pans on the outside. You can't really tell. they are very strong and will most likely outlast the car. thanks, Jeff
  24. I had to remove the old wire filler to be able to clean it, and have it powder coated. Is there anywhere I can buy replacement filler for my oil bath air cleaner? I really don't want to not be able to use it. Any ideas??
  25. Did you remove the wire mesh from your air cleaner? I'm a little confused as to how you did this. In order to remove my wire "filler" I had to cut the 8 ribs from the inside of the filter. Now that that is open I could install a paper element in the lid. Is that what you are meaning?