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  1. I saw those too... I'd love to have the mint wheel, too rich for my blood though!! Hey, nice car by the way. Thanks for posting it on my Nebraska winter post!! VERY NICE LOOKING!!
  2. Welcome!!! Have fun with them!! There is a ton of knowledge here so ask away... I have a 39 sedan as well, if I can help feel free to ask. Daddio65
  3. I agree fully with both of you on this....... I am new to these cars, don't really know allot about them as of yet... I would love to see Rolf, and Merv, and some of the veterans in the field jump in and share their wealth of knowledge with us newbies (so to speak). I for one love the knowledge Peecher shares on a regular basis with us "kids". For those of you that share on a regular basis, please keep it up... for those that don't, please start. You may be surprised, but us youngsters are willing to learn and share the wealth of knowledge you guys have to offer all of us. These cars are truly amazing, and I know my son (who is 12) enjoys learning and working on "our" car as much as my dad and I do. Thanks for all of the input thus far fellas, please don't stop teaching.... we all are willing to learn from you all!!! Daddio65:D
  4. Great pics guys!!! Keep them coming... got some good looking cars out there and some real nice up and comers!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Now let's get rid of this snow so we can go out and enjoy our toys!!!
  5. Nothing like a Nebraska winter there, but at least you got a Zephyr to play with!! Enjoy your time with it they are great fun to tinker with!! Thanks for the post.... any other takers????:confused:
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    From the album: Member Galleries

    39 lincoln engine and heater
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    From the album: Member Galleries

    39 lincoln engine and heater
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    From the album: Member Galleries

    39 lincoln engine and heater
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    congratulations!!! Well done CBoz!!!
  10. Thanks for the interest guys, keep the pictures, comments and stories coming, liven this site up a bit... This is why we have these cars.... Show em off and talk about them:D!!!
  11. I got "Old Abe" out of a few winter pictures..... enjoy fellas.... Gosh I love these cars!! Post em if you got em!!
  12. I agree with you CBoz...get the V-12 running, any one can have a V-8, wow them with a smooth running V-12. You'll be glad you did!!
  13. Welcome to the show my friend!! Type up a list of needs for the motor, I think most of us would love to help.... I for one would!! This site is great for people willing to keep those cars outta the hands of a chop-shop! Daddio
  14. If it runs toward the trunk that is your antenna radio wire, it is usually curled up into the driver side kick panel. is the end silver with 2 little tabs on it? If it is then that is for the antenna. The other end attaches to the rear drivers side trunk hinge... that my friend would be your antenna. Good luck with the 39 they are a blast to work on!! Daddio
  15. Thanks Peecher, I'll give her a go!!! Have a great New Year!!
  16. thanks Peecher, what about the voltage regulator? As usual much appreciated:confused:
  17. OK Zephyr guru's.... Another dumb question from Daddio.... I installed a new regulator on my 39' and it shows a -NEG- charge. How do I change polarity on it installed in the car.... do I need to re-polarize my generator as well??? Any help would be very grateful. Being it New Years Eve, the bride and I were going to take it out on the town tonight, but not until I get this resolved..... Happy New Year to all. Daddio
  18. keep the answers coming... this could be quite fun... I am excited to see what cars are all in this movie!!! Thanks notnow!!
  19. Did anyone happen to watch a movie over Christmas called a "Christmas Story"? I am not that much of an old car identifier, however, there are a ton of older cars.... My son Connor pointed out 2 39' Zephyrs?? I DVR'd the movie, I am going to see if I can spot them. Can anyone help verify what kind a vehicle the main actor's dad drives, or others for that matter.... this is kinda for fun!! So whoever gets the most correct wins!! C'mon Mssr. Bwatoe.... it is your time to shine.... I am NOT good at knowing these cars... Daddio..
  20. NO GO ON THE CLIPS RALPH...... I checked everywhere and can't find them... I truly apologize!!! I even checked in the parts books I have, but still found nothing. Did you check with Merv Adkins in the sources area of the Lincoln Zephyr club site??? possible he cold help you. Again, I apologize for not finding them...