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  1. yes, most defanitely!! They look to be later water pumps... I notice the fitting on the one....
  2. Rolf, best wishes to you my friend! I have a radio of yours please advise what I can do with it for you.... you are a great friend and a true asset to the Lincoln world. You have forgotten what most of us could only dream of knowing! Thanks for all you have helped me with. You are in my prayers. Dee please keep in contact with me regarding the radio Rolf wanted me to fix. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks Dee, I appreciate your help!! I hope al is well with you!! Take care!!
  4. oh c'mon guys... someone out there has to have some info on this?????
  5. One tool missing.... a valve guide driver..... a must to break the valve guides loose from the block. It makes disassembly much easier. Find a Ford model "B" driver. It is pleanty long to drive the valve guides down and allowing much easier removal of the retainers. Are you planning on replacing valves with stainless models? I would recommend it as well as going with the one piece guides with "O" rings on them. If this is the case, and you continue to have problems I would also recoommed snapping the top of the valves off. This also allows easier removal of all of the componants. Hopefully others will chime in on this topic???
  6. Ok, I have noticed that there has been very little action on this site.... BUT, I am in need of a GOOD blower motor for my 39 Zephyr. Can anyone help me with this?? Thanks, Jeff:confused:
  7. still looking..... any help would be greatly appreciated:)
  8. I replaced the fender skirt rubber on my 39. I used the existing rivets. I used a small awl to poke the holes, and then I stretched the rubber over the rivets. It worked out pretty slick. I was able to retain the "original" hardwear, and have the new rubber at the same time. Pat Terhune, in the Way of the Zephyr magizine sold me the rubber for them.... great reproduction!!
  9. Phil, what is this Evans stuff? Is it still available... is it something you recommend? What effects does it have on the radiator/engine? Sounds like good stuff.... Is it water pump compatible?
  10. Mine creeps up also, I drive it and let the air cool it down naturally.... it only does it at an idle in city driving... I have skips good pumps in it and the baffles as well....
  11. speaking of shocks, my 39' is in need of shock repair.... anyone know of seal kits avaliable for these things??
  12. Getting ready to tear into my shocks and rebuild them... are there kits available, what do I need to look for? What should I fill them with when I am done cleaning them up? Thanks, Jeff
  13. My 1st is a 39 barn find... all original, 32k for miles... I love it!!
  14. looks good Jeff!!!! Enjoy!!!
  15. I'm looking for a good working blower motor for my 39 zephyr..... anyone out there got one they want to part with?? Thanks, Jeff
  16. I wish I had some pics of before..... they were horrible!! Someone covered the holes with tar, tar paper, and tin signs...hahaha!!! it took me 20 hrs just to get all of it up with a heat gun and adhesive remover!! Luckily most of my holes were not bigger that a tennis ball, and in areas that were not detrimental to the strength of the floor.... thanks
  17. I would consider the line-X as opposed to the patch panels... I went under the car with Aluminum AC tape to match any contours in the floor I had them spray the Line-x down on top of the holes. Then I had it undercoated as per specs... throw carpet over it and no one will ever they will never rust and there are no new cuts or welds to your vehicle... My car is by no means a show car... but it is as original as original can be... If you are going to show this as a pristine show car, this may not be for you...
  18. CBoz... nice to see your car on the Ford Barn site.... Looks great (as usual)!!
  19. Fan issue solved.... as usual Dee came through again!! Thanks all for the help!! Jeff
  20. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I really appreciate your help.
  21. Any one have a 39' fan they want to part with???
  22. sorry... 1st is noisy, 2nd is quiet and fine, third is quiet, but will pop out of gear especially upon decel..... I don't have the spring that goes from the shifter to the console.... would this be the problem??
  23. You got a spare one Jeff.... or can I take this apart and fix it... Weld???