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  1. Well, I got it running after rebuilding the carb, and fuel pump, purrs like a kitten. The original shifter is there, all lights work, instrument cluster works..except the speedo...missing the needle( where can that go to get fixed) brakes all good, parking brake good....horns loud as heck. if any one has any ideas where to get a speedo cable and the speedometer repairs I'd be most greatful. The flat head v-8 is a 1950, so my dad says judging by the width if the belts. Heck, even the trunk light works...not bad for 800.00 I guess. But any help would be most appreciated...I am mor of a 60's car nut so this really old stuff gets ne really confused. Thanks to all for their input so far, you are much appreciated....Car clubs??? Blair, NE.??
  2. ok now I kinda know what I got.....where the heck does a guy find parts for these darn things..moldings, carb kit, fuel pump diaphrams that will handle today's gas... Thanks for all of your help and comments!! I'm getting really excited about it now.
  3. Thanks for the info. I am picking it up Sunday morning, I can't wait, I think my dad is more excited than I am. My kids want me to take themto school in it!!!!
  4. it is a 4 door, the 12 cyl was removed and replaced with a flat head V8. done right, no cobbling....seems to be all there, when it was stored in 1978 the DOT inspected it and documented tha miles, so I know they are true. The gentleman that owned it said the V12 was a powerless wonder so his local dealership helped him install the V8.I wiped away the 1/2 of dust and before they stored it they waxed the daylights out of it. It shows, I can still see my reflection in the paint!I thinks it will clean up really nice....gotta please the wife
  5. I paid 800.00 for it. It has been sitting in a barn for over 30 years....
  6. Hello, I just aquired a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. It as been in a sealed barn for over 30 years. It has 32,640 documented miles. Rust free, Paint is in immaculate condition. Interior needs some cleaning. No critters have been in this little find. My problem is... What is this car, are they worth anything? Is it worth holding on to?? Any info would be most helpful.