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  1. John, The last I heard was that "Old Abe" ended up in New Zealand.... I got an email for a guy that bought it....I kinda miss it too, but something will come up... Thanks again, I remember that Jake did my dist. and Skip did my pumps... Good to see all of you fellas still talking about the good old V-12's
  2. Thanks Dee and V12, good to hear from you guys! Yes, Skip did mine on my old 39' I just forgot his name... Dee are you still tinkering with distributors and coils? If not, who would you recommend? Thanks again, I hope all is well with both of you!!
  3. Hey there fella's, its been a while since I have been on this site, but I wondered if anyone had the name of the guy that rebuilds water pumps.... he did both of mine on my 39 (that I no longer own) but I am helping a guy get his old V-12 up and running, also... the gentleman that does the coil and distributor... Dee, I don't know if you still mess with them?? Thanks, Jeff Mabry
  4. try a salvage yard... they can locate you one..
  5. He still looks great!! Good luck with "Old Abe"!! He is definately a runner!!
  6. hmmmmm... I used to own that Lincoln, how did you come across it?? If you want any info on it, contact me @ jmabry@woodhouse.com!! Actually it was found by me in a barn in Iowa...
  7. Use the hydraulic lifters... they are easily maintained, and with the quality oils that are out there they will last a very long time... plus they are very quiet!! Just my opinion. Jeff
  8. Chris Herrill does of Boos-Herrill... they are located in the LZOC vendors. Jeff
  9. I was just as surprised as you guys were, NEVER in a million years did I think those would go for that much... I put them on eBay w/o reserve because I had no idea what to ask for them. I figured if I was too high, no one would bite on them. Thanks guys. Dee always seems to help out a guy in need... he is a great asset to LZOC.. Jeff
  10. Mr. Higgins, I put those pumps on eBay w/o a reserve... You my friend mentioned 2 ignorant people. You are sadly mistaken on both accounts. If you don't know what you are talking about, please keep your comments to yourself. Thank you, Jeff Mabry Nebraska LZOC member
  11. Check with Merv Adkins in the vendor section of LZOC. That is where I found my parts for my heater. He is way less money than Chris Herrel.. Well worth the call....
  12. Does anyone know where to weld the brackets for the floor shifter on a column shift car, or where to cut the hole in the floor for the linkage? Do they make a boot to seal everything? Do I use a cable or linkage to connect to my powerglide? Any help would be appreciated. Jeff:confused:
  14. Thanks Jim.... Yes I agree, it is difficult for me to sell, but with a family to support, it is better than living off of the government!!! I will some day find another... Thanks again! Jeff
  15. Here are a few more pictures of "Old Abe" Thanks Guys!! Jeff
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