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  1. Wow!!! Great analysis of the two systems. Unfortunately I have been retired too long from GM to remember the specifics. What I do remember is the secondary coil on the Magnavox system was superior to the Delco Remy one because the Magnavox used a section bobbin coil (made by Marshall Electric, in Rochester, IN.) which wound the fine secondary wire around a plastic bobbin. The Delco Remy coil was wound around a square core with paper layers inserted for insulation. The Delso Remy coil would stretch the secondary wire over the edges of the square core and in rare cases the secondary wire wo
  2. Barney, The torque spec on the balancer bolt was something like 240 ft lbs. It is a right hand thread. Bob Gardner
  3. I am told there is an evaporative emission valve on top of the gas tank. When it fails it sets the same code as a loose gas cap. The local parts guy says he sells 10 a day.
  4. Yesterday i backed my 1990 Reatta convertible out of the garage and noticed a huming sound from the trunk. The motor in the power antenna was huming but tne antenna would not retract when the radio was turned off. Disconecting the electrical connector turned the motor off. Is the solution for this problem a new antenna or have this one rebuilt? Avaliability? Bob
  5. I have reserved a side street (First Aveenue) in Flint, Michigan for Reattas on August 20, 201. This is the last day for the "Back to the Bricks" show in Flint this year. This a free static show that attracts thousands of classic vehicles and is really an outstanding event. Gates open at 6:00 AM and you can come and go at your discretion. Enter from the north, Fifth Avenue to Saginaw Street South. No reservation required. I have a distribution list of about 30 Reatta owners that I use for communications. We had about 15 Reattas at the Sloan Show June 25. For more information contasct r
  6. "Back to the Bricks" has requested that we enter from the North on show day, August 20. That is driving south on Saginaw street from Fifth Avenue. Print an 8 X 10 sheet that says Reatta Div. BCA First Ave. and put it on your dash . Gates open at 6:00 AM. I will be at Firtst Ave. to greet everyone. For more info email rfg8@comcast.net.
  7. The "Back to the Bricks" car show in Flint, Michigan has grown into one of the biggest and most interesting shows around. Saturday, August 20, 2011 is the static show in downton Flint where the whole area is closed to through traffic and reserved for classic car displays. Many car clubs have reserved side streets off Saginaw St. (the main drag) for their cars. This year First Avenue has been reserved for Reattas. First Avenue is the first street noth of the Saginaw Street bridge over the Flint River in the shadow of the refurbished Durant Hotel and goes west off Saginaw and the Reattas have
  8. A friend of mine and I both had this problem with our Reattas a few years ago. It turned out to be wires with the insulation rubbed through shorting out. rendrag8
  9. I was an employe of GM/Buick Product engineering in the time frame that the Reatta was conceived and built. Lloyd Reuss was Buick General mamager and the motivating force behind the Reatta. He and Ed Mertz, Buick Chief Engineer, sold the comcept to GM management. They put together a small group of development engineers to design and bring the Reatta into production. In order to keep costs low it was edicted thatb 70% of the Reatta parts come from the Rivera. Bob Gardner RD #881
  10. Barney and Nancey, Happy Anniversery. Bob and Agnes Gardner
  11. I hope you have updated the transmission to aceppt the increased torque from the SC 3800. The original transmission was torque limited with the naturally aspirated engine.
  12. I am sure the balancer bolt is right hand thread, However, the torque spe is like 165 to 220 ft. lbs.
  13. I am sure the balancer bolt is right hand thread. However, the torque spec on that bolt was something like 165 to 220 ft. lbs.
  14. Will I create any kind of problem by hooking uo a battery saver to my 1990 Reatta while it is stored over the winter?
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