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  1. Well Earl, you'd better come over and see it for yourself! You know you're always welcome! Cheers Grant
  2. I have pics of a very original car that we tried to get as close to as possible. A green sedan belonging to a guy called Wayne. Some of you will know the car. Here's our dash...... Cheers Grant
  3. They do great work. No denying that Andrew! Out of interest though, what convinced you to go with a brown woodgrain as opposed to the red of the original? The brown does look quite classy as Buickkuhn says. Cheers Grant
  4. We just got our glass from Bobs from memory. Sometimes if you call Bob, you find there are parts in stock that aren't listed in the catalogue. Cheers Grant
  5. Nest time she goes to Grandma and Grandad's, they can get some pics with the coupe! Although she prefers the 35 Dodge... Cheers Grant
  6. Ha ha!!! Nice Mike! My daughter's a model. Perhaps she could be our girl? Cheers Grant
  7. Thanks Bud! This is a great forum with very cool guys, and each and every one is a mine of information. Mark, I did end up over the ditch a couple of months ago. In Brisbane, which is a beautiful city I might add. Sydney is very nice too. You guys need to come down under for a break! Cheers Grant PS Touching wood and everything, but we've stopped shaking here for the time being!
  8. Aww!!! Thanks guys! Best forum on the net with awesome blokes! Your blood's worth bottling. Cheers Grant
  9. Yep! The flash heater! We need the bit that the hoses go to under the vent as well. Alan has a nice factory picture of all the stuff together. Cheers Grant
  10. I'm still alive!! I quit my radio announcing job after 22 years in the business back in August, went on a south Pacific cruise, and had about 9 weeks of bumming around the house trying to catch up on jobs. Then last month, I started work at the local Mercury engine dealership in town, Mr Boats, selling parts and accessories. And I love it! Always been a big boating fan. And finally, I'm in the automotive industry (sort of!). The upshot is, I don't get as much time to browse the forum as I did when I sat on my butt doing nothing in the studio. Dad's on here every day though and keeps me up to speed. He'd be on here himself, but can't type worth a damn and has no intention to learn, despite me hounding him to try. I think he considers it women's work!!! Lol!! I do play a bit of cricket and still try and play rugby with the Woodend Golden Oldies as well. Great fun! Do you guys still play a bit of football? Do you have over 35 year old teams and play socially? Maybe you should! I've been setting up a charity that takes care of less fortunate people's car troubles, and getting a bit more politically active as well. As far as car stuff goes, I still mess about with the Stingray. I try and encourage dad to get stuck in to the Buick as much as possible. I think it's important to do as much as you can while you can. Hence the running and sport. After all, you're dead a long time! I'm still keen to help with any issues you may have, although I recommend you email me on magrath@orcon.net.nz. This forum is THE best I've been on, and I have a HUGE amount of respect for you guys! Cheers Grant
  11. http://www.clubplug.net/cross.html Cheers Grant
  12. Rod, I'd use a fiberglass repair kit to sort your rear armrests if I were you. That should hold everything together nicely. Cheers Grant
  13. Heavy duty motor cycle fork oil. Works like a charm. Cheers Grant
  14. Funny you should say that. It was the same for us. There's a spring that assists the 39 clutch pedal. Maybe it's shot? Cheers Grant
  15. Sounds like 1st and reverse gear. They come up a bit on eBay for the smaller series cars. Cheers Grant
  16. Thanks! The repro interior plastic's a bit light in color to me, but apart from that, we're pretty happy. Must get some pics of the modified Guide B-31 lights we've rigged up as extra rear indicators. Not everyone knows to look in the center of the trunk to see which way you're turning. Cheers Grant
  17. Thanks Danny! Been over your way (sort of), cruising from Brisbane up to the islands, changing jobs, setting up charities, and fund raising for people. Plus working on an old Honda C50, the Stingray, the old Fairmont and taking some rust out of a mate's 4wd. All go. Great to be back though! Cheers Grant
  18. A bit OTT, but you could have your worn rocker arms welded and ground back to spec I guess. As an aside, a wide screwdriver with a slot ground into the blade makes the adjustment easier with the car running if you don't want to spring for the flash tool! Cheers Grant
  19. You could try and bypass the pedal start by using a short piece of wire and bridge the terminals on the carb to turn it over. That way, with your head in the engine bay as it turns over (or not), you can get a better idea of what's happening. Cheers Grant
  20. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, nut I've been away for a while. Wayne's car was what we used to do ours, and we have it on very good authority that his car IS original. The wood grain on the mirror is completely different to the dash. Andrew, we used Wayne's car as the basis of our wood graining, ans I think you'd struggle to find one more accurate in NZ, if not anywhere. Your restorers have taken quite a few pics, so you should be sweet as. Cheers Grant
  21. First off, hi guys! It's been a while! Secondly, I'd have a look at the pitman shaft bushing while having someone turn the wheel back and forth. Drag link ok? The shock proof steering system can sometimes need a tighten up. Observe the ball stud in it's cups to see if there's any excessive movement there. Cheers Grant
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