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  1. Yep! Stainless can be welded up ok! We have a guy in town who restores stainless trim. He also does plastic welding, etc. I guess he had to move with the times....CheersGrant
  2. Yeah, I'd say everyone's busy. Plenty of old stuff, as in pre-30's though. Merry Christmas!! Grant
  3. I don't think so. They still have the ignition switch on the steering column, although ours packed up recently, so my father made one of the fake radio knobs the ignition switch by installing a push /pull style switch. But ours is lhd. Our 1935 Dodge has a starter button on the dash from new, as there was no room on the right hand side for the starter pedal. Hey, here's a thought.......why not pick a day in the year, and make it World '39 Buick Day? Maybe one Sunday in the Northern fall/Southern spring or something? All you have to do is maybe get your car out (weather permitting), maybe get a
  4. Just realized......Since I technically don't own a 39 Buick, should I resign from the team? Cheers Grant
  5. You don't have to contribute anything BJE! Just hang with us, look mean on virtual street corners, and scare the Post-War guys. Cheers Grant
  6. You know, I don't come here nearly enough! Looking good Billy! And looking familiar with all those holes! The good news is there should be patch panels you can weld in, already formed. My hat's off to you for doing the body work yourself! Give me fibreglass any day! Cheers Grant
  7. Well John, were a group of guys who have an association with 1939 Buicks, and who accidentaly discovered how to change a few settings in the User CP. Membership can be gained by going into your garage with your favourite beer and toasting your good (or mis) fortune owning one. In New Zealand, an acceptable beer would be Steinlager Pure or Speights Summit. There may be other stuff as well. I'm sure the others will let you know! Cheers Grant PS A great sense of humor is an advantage!
  8. Gary, it's pressed on to a splined end, most likely using heat. The guys at the gear shop did it. Is yours an early or later production car? Cheers Grant
  9. Yeah, I've pulled a few apart! Forgot to mention that it's a good idea to take pictures of your gear linkage setup to refer to when putting things back together. Here's the old gear....... And here's the one we had made.... As you may have picked up, we had a huge amount of wear pretty much everywhere. Even the pitman arm was slogged out! We just worked through things until the only things that could cause problems were the worm and sector. Thanks to Danny, we got a NOS roller and pitman shaft, and we had the worm gear made. Ours is an early Series 40, so we can supply new worm gears for th
  10. http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1939-steering-shaft-worm-gear-326653.html Gary, we restored our steering box earlier in the year. Lift the front of the car up on axle stands. remove the pitman arm There are about 4 bolts holding the box to the frame, and the gear linkages, shifter, and obviously, the steering wheel have to come off. Remove the panel in the floor by the pedals. Now the fun part. Hopefully, you would have taped up your steering mast jacket to prevent scratches as you lower the steering box out from under the car. I hope I haven't forgotten too much! If the pics are dead in the threa
  11. Damn! Good tip Mike! I'm going to have a look today. Got some gearbox issues, but only minor. Cheers Grant
  12. I think there's a clip on Youtube of a modded straight 8. Cheers Grant
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