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  1. The fan blade is very close to the rad, I would bet 5/8 inch or so. It almost touched the bottom of the upper tank of the rad. I used a 59 cad a/c 6 blade fan. I really like it and unless there is a buick expert looking under the hood and looking very close, no one will really knows that it is not stock.
  2. The fan blades with a clutch will not work. I think they came out in 1960. Will need one that is earlier
  3. I tried that, it works. My 46 runs hot even with a new core and fresh rebuild pump and a fresh engine. I installed a 6 blade off a 59 caddy (with air). It was a bolt in. It dropped the temp about 20 degrees. The only problem is that you have to remove the rad to install the 6 blade. There is not enough room for your fingers to install the bolts to pump. I did try the 59 cad( non air) fan blade (4 blade) and that works also but not as well. The blades are deeper and move more air. It dropped the temp about 10 degrees. Each was about 15 bucks on ebay. Straight bolt in. Very easy.
  4. Can any tell how to polarize my 46 special. I do not seem to find it in the manual.
  5. It worked. I filled the oil filter, spun the oil pump and the gauge started to raise up to 30psi quickly. I always fill the filter on my new cars but some reason did not here.
  6. The pump is drive off the cam and the dist is off the pump. The dist was seated to bottom. I have ran a engine with the dist not seated and that last about 10 minutes. I am going to fill the housing with oil and spin the pump and will let this board know the results.
  7. I tried to start my 248 today. I rebuilt the oil pump with new gears and no plate cover gasket. I spun the pump with a cordless drill and my wife said the the oil gauge moved. It worked before engine rebuild. It started right up, not common for me, but no oil pressure in about 15 seconds. I shut it down and check the oil level. Yes, oil 30w straight was there. I then checked the oil filter/housing which had a little oil in the bottom. I forgot to put oil in this and just put a new filter but left it dry. I got a aftermarket gauge and connected to the block, removing all oil filter lines and got 45 psi with a fast spin with the drill on the oil pump shaft. My question is if I had no oil in the filter/housing would oil be pumped in to this and cause a low (or zero) reading on the oil pressure gauge untill the filter/housing is full and then as pressure builds, the gauge would read it?
  8. I used a pressure washer. I had removed the head and all the plugs and blasted top down and all the gunk came out of the plugs. I like water since it just will get everything wet.
  9. grandpa, what year car did you place the LED's in?
  10. Has any one used 6 volt LED lights for tail lights? Are they any brighter that normal lights which are poor by todays standards.
  11. I made one out of a metal clothes hanger. That worked great. Not the greatest shape spring but very functional.
  12. I am replacing the radiator hoses with correct fitting ones vs the hard rubber universal fitting hoses. Did the bottom hose have a large coiled wire inside to prevent collapsing? These universal hoses are very stiff and appear to have a wire in the hose itself. I am getting close to finishing by 248 straight 8.
  13. Does it really matter if you retorque the head bolts? New cars never have you do such. On a 248, does the rocker shaft have to be removed first? I can't seem to get the socket with the head of the torque wrench on some of the these bolts because of the rocker shaft.
  14. I am working of two at the same time a 42 and a 46. The 46 is the one being complete rebuilt and the 42 is on the farm and it gives me something to do when I visit.
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