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  1. Can anyone tell me what years these plate frame are for? the one without the Chevrolet Bowtie is adjustable. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the information 35cz8. I have attached 2 photos of my switch. It has the name Hencol Boston stamped on it and has 7 wire terminals. It is a rotary switch with 4 positions.
  3. Can anyone tell me what a US Royal 4L560 fan belt fits? Thanks.
  4. Need the head light switch part number for a 1934 Chrysler CA Six OR the switch itself. Can you help? Thanks.
  5. Here is what finally happened at the DMV. I presented the clerk with the title, registration, the actual Ohio Historical Plates and the Model Year Plates. All of the information was faxed to Columbus so my records could be updated. These are the same records that were inplace went I purchased the Historical Plates back in 1973 BUT not kept. After approx. 2 hours and a few questions from the clerk in Columbus, I was issued a new registration. This new registration shows the Historical Plate number and the Model Year number. I was told that I MUST have the registration and the Historical Plates in the car at all times of travel if I display the Model Year plate. By the way, you only have to have ONE Model Year Plate in Ohio. Government sure does not believe in the KISS method! (keep it simple stupid)
  6. I went to my local DMV to apply for Model Year plates - also called Year of Manufacture in other states. The requirements are simple - your vehicle must be registered with regular historical plates, you must present a plate of the model year that is the correct color combination for that year and pay a $4.50 registration fee. I took everything with me except my registration. I could not find it because I registered for these plate back in 1973. In Ohio, you keep these plates without any additional fees until you sell the car. Here comes the problem. The state changed to a new system for keeping records sometime ago and when the clerk pulled up my account, there were no records for my cars. That means for sometime, if I was pulled over in my Historical Vehicle, the police would not be able to find me in the system and probably have written me a ticket and towed my car. So, if you live in Ohio and have had your Historical Plate for some time, I would strongly suggest calling Columbus and find out if you are one of the lucky ones like me. Just some food for thought.
  7. Has anyone attended either the Hoosier Auto Show & Swap Meet or the Super Sunday Swap Meet in Indianapolis? I am considering going but it's a 6 - 7 hour ride. I just wonder if it's worth the effort. If they just have a lot of cheap tools and bungee cords, I'll just go to a local garage sale. Thanks.
  8. Don, if you go to fillingstation.com, they have reproductions. Go to Catalog in the blue band at the top of the page and the dropdown will show View Online Catalog. The crankhole covers are on page 18. if you call them, I am sure they can give you a good measurement. Just remember, they are in Oregon and there is a time difference. Hawkeye
  9. Spark plug wire brackets, fits 1930-1934. $65.00/pair OBO plus shipping.
  10. WP1934

    1931 Coin

    Side "A" shows an Eagle on the Chevrolet Bowtie with "The Great American Value". Side "B" commemorates the American Legion Convention, Detroit, Michigan 1931. Coin is slightly larger than a quarter. $35.00 OBO plus shipping.
  11. Underhood lamp has John W. Hobbs Corp. Springfield, Ill stamped on it, $85.00 OBO plus shipping.
  12. I already replaced the water pump on the car. I have to look for motor mounts. Any ideas as to where I can find some? Thanks
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