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  1. look on here a week ago-for sale, name (arie cat).
  2. you might try the bus lines, i;ve seen someone that sells tote gotes, by removeing the engine from frame,and shipping them in two or three sections on the bus lines, i think theres a weight limit of 100 lb parcels, may be worth checking, out.
  3. located 1940 dodge 2 dr coupe, call (360) 494-5596 western washington state location for info. craig.
  4. a friend of mine has a dodge 2dr coupe,i beleave he told me it was a 1939,all orignal and from what i could tell, not to bad of shape. he doesent have a phone, but i'll find out about it latter this week, when i see him,and get back to you. located in western washington state.
  5. ok i havent picked up a 500 clutch yet,but i have collected over 50 motorcycles,ect;sence original post,from an 1100 to a 50,today a 650 suzuki, two days ago,a 3 wheel cushman golf cart& a cushman trailster frame like the one above with a,i beleave 2 speed trans,100.00 each.but a kool deal 3 weeks ago,a guy gave me 3 tote gotes,1 compleat, something like a toole trooper,the others i found out were pak jak's- olny frames & wheels, but the rear wheels had been changed,1 had a 1945 & the other a 1920's harley tires wheels & brakes on them,i use to collect bikes,then went to cars,looks like i'm back to bikes,friends think i'm starting a junkyard,i;ve got 30 to 50 more bikes to haul,most free,also a friend has a garage full of old bike&auto parts. hope to be listing some soon. thanks guys.
  6. thanks,scooter guy after looking at your photos,i beleave it's a tote gote,i'm not set up for photos yet,but thank's for the help.
  7. i've got one of the old marvel can's in my shed1/4 -1/2 full, about the size of a hand paint spray can, i beleave it's about as old as i am,50+yrs. looks neat anyway.
  8. looking for a older style salsbury 500 clutch belt drive unit, or maybe part's to restore what i beleave to be a 60's cushman tote gote,that i recently picked up, any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  9. doe,s a 39 dodge coupe parts do any good, as far as switching part's. you can call me at (360) 494-2010 or message at 494-5596 craig.
  10. a friend of mine may have a 36 2 dr for part's, i"ll stop at his place tomarrow,to find out, and get back to you. craig wash; state.
  11. 1962 valmobile suitecase cycle 50cc, 2000 made,ex;cont, asking 2500.00, yakima wa.-craigslist 8/26/09. imfo;#(509)-952-6717. good luck. craig, packwood wa.
  12. i seen one for sale,i"ll try and relocate the imformation and let you know as soon as i can, olny thing is it"s in washington state were i live,but i"ll send imfo; any way.
  13. i'm glad to see the suzuki's being collected,along with other vintage bike,s. i use to collect motorcycles, then cars, now i,m back to more bike,s & fewer cars,do to space,& age, and all the older stuff is getting harder to find.
  14. just seen several vintage auto parts for sale,brass water pump,victor voltmeter,air friction carb,nickel-carbide headlamps,check ebay seller {connersrustyrow}. look's like some good buy's.
  15. if anyone is interested-1929 plymoth u engine& transmission on ebay-store dan.nessconstruction-napa idaho.
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