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  1. For sale 1960 Lincoln Continental 2 complete sets of tail light units= panel+(3 lights per panel) and sockets, have 2 sets for two cars. Don't have fuel door. Have 1 rear bumper (might clean up with out having to re-chrome). Have 1 good grille. Also have two horn rings but not sure what years. Two sets of good hub caps as well. Please call 724-244-3184 and ask for Lance. Email ljlehnert@yahoo.com
  2. For Sale, 1969 Cadillac grille, complete head light units, complete tail light/back up light units, parking/turn signal units, hood trim, 4 good usable hubcaps, rare factory passenger side mirror, WORKING factory radio and 8 track player! Plus other miscellanious parts ALL FROM THE SAME CAR- '69 FLEETWOOD. Call 724-244-3184 ask for Lance. Email ljlehnert@yahoo.com
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