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  1. Keith does a great job on the knobs.  In the old days Ford and others made plastic knobs out of soy beans, and in time they deteriorate and the bugs eat them.  The resins that Keith uses won't do that.  Urethane is very stable.  He made me a bunch of knobs for my 41 including the radio ones. Even if you found NOS ones, they're not near as good as the ones from Knobsoup!   He can make any knob including the complete steering wheels.  

  2. There was someone selling the fire wall insulation  pads on eBay a while back, watch for them to reappear.  You might google it and find some.  Each car is different so choose carefully.  Grommets are around, I think Steel Rubber might have some, and the parts dealers on the web site probably have them too.  If you can get some good closeup photos of the firewall inside and outside of the vehicle that will help as there are different size grommets on the firewall.  

  3. Probably your distributor needs rebuilding.  There are remanufactured rotors and caps as they wear down and the gap between them and the plates on each side where the spark plug wires connect are out of tolerance.  Distributor setup and repairs need experienced mechanics fixing them, as well as proper calibration and new points and condensers.  The coil on top of the distributor also needs rebuilding.  Skip Haney in Florida actually removes and cleans out the coils and replaces them with new Ford ignition coils for a nice hot spark.  Old coils do break down over time as the varnish on the copper wiring gives way and the coils have turns shorts which doesn't allow full spark voltage to the plugs.  Jake Fleming in Dallas has always done a good job on the distributors getting them working properly, they it's just a matter of a little 'plug and play for you to reinstall them.  Good Luck!

  4. Good idea.....spend a few bucks and save yourself a lot of grief having to go back in and replace them later.  Very important to properly oil the lifters as they can get very noisy from lack of lube.  Engineers of that day did the best they could with the problematic V12 engines.  

  5. You might check with Earle Brown who's contact information is on the club site as he has motor components.  If you try to clean and repair them and they fail you have to tear it all down again which is a bummer.  If replacement units are available that would be better.  Boos Harrel might have them too.  Good luck in your search!


  6. A good radio repairman could probably take the old connector off your speaker and mount it on the new one.  In the grand scheme of things it's a lot more important to get a good sounding speaker and not worry about connecting the speaker cable to the new speaker.  Wiring terminals work and you can also solder them for a great connection! And no one is going to see the speaker anyway so it's not very important!

  7. Actually if you can find a good auto upholstery shop in your area they can do a first class job if they know the correct materials to use and the correct patterns.  There was a shop in Ohio some time ago that made the carpets for my 41 LZ.  They had the exact pattern and color for the wool carpet and it fit well.  My leather was done by a very qualified guy who knew how to make it look original.  Even the headliner looks original and new.  Those kits that LeBaron had were good I suppose, but the art of good upholstery takes a lot of experience if it's done properly.  Shop around and see who's out there willing to take it on.  Not cheap, but do it right once and you're set!   

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  8. Restoration Specialties in PA might have them.  814-467-9842

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  9. Try Merv.......




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  10. Sounds like someone replaced the bleeder screws with a common screw.  You can find them at most hardware stores or auto supplies for the correct screws.  You can't properly bleed wheel cylinders with such a screw. And if you do it's a mess with brake fluid all over the floor.  Clutch spring probably needs a new one, and Boos Harrel probably has them along with other supplies.  Your's might have been broken and someone just tried to use a shorter version.  I think you can find 6 volt fans if you're talking about putting them in front of the radiator for better cooling in idle and slow driving.  Remember with 6 volts you don't have a lot of battery reserve and that additional load can run your battery down, especially if you haven't replaced your generator with an alternator.  Remember the current at 6 volts is twice what it is with 12 volt devices for the same power consumption of your devices.  This is also why we use LEDs where ever we can to cut consumption of battery power with the lighting.  I am still waiting for a LED amber replacement lamp unit for the original 6 inch fog lamps on these cars.  There are LED lamps less than 5 inches, but won't fit the housings.  

  11. You probably won't find anyone who either knows how to rebuild the coil or is interested in it.  Skip uses new Ford coils to rebuild the coils.  And remember these coils are made of electromagnet wiring......copper wire that is coated with a varnish for insulation just like in transformers.....and over time that can be compromised.  All it takes is a shorted turn of the copper wiring inside the coil to make it malfunction.  When the coil is heated the varnish can be compromised and literally  you have 'shorted turns' within the coil.  You can't fix that, only rebuild the coil with new wiring to restore the original function of the coil.  As to getting lost in shipment, send it to Skip via FedEx insured and he'll  rebuild it for you.  Probably your distributor is working, but getting a correct working coil on it and testing things is the best way.  If you still have trouble with the distributor you can then send it to Skip for rebuilding and calibration the same way you did the coil.  You will be able to log onto FedEx.com and track your package to give you peace of mind where it is located in the system and it will tell you when it is delivered and who signed for it.  This is the only way to get the distributor/coil working and your car running properly!   

  12. Sending your distributor complete with coil and the side caps to someone who can repair them.  I think Skip Haney in Florida does it, and perhaps Jake Fleming in Dallas who has a proper setup to test the distributors and calibrate them for proper operation.  I got a coil rebuilt by Skip some time ago, and it works well.  He actually guts the old coils inside the housing and replaces them with Ford coils and reseals them to get the hottest spark.  Other issues with the distributor need to also be checked off the engine.  I'd check the voltage on the coil terminals that comes from the 2 resistors under the dash.  You need to connect a couple of clip wires to the distributor for remote testing as it's very close to the fan blade! The resistors are of a low Ohm value, but the voltage under load on each side of the coil where the condensers attach is important.  Should be 3-4 volts with the engine running.  You have to have the resistors to limit the voltage/current from the battery so you don't damage the coils.  Your side plates where the plug wires attach also can be problematic.  There was someone who was refurbishing them and making sure there is proper clearance between the rotor posts and the brass pins protruding from the plates for max spark transfer.  Chris Harrel,  (Boos-Harrel) one of the suppliers of parts might have some or could tell you who does the rebuilding.  Also don't overlook putting new plug wires in the system as they also break down, and proper termination of the connectors on each end of the plug wires is very important for connectivity.  If you rebuild the electrical system of the ignition you should return to proper working order!   

  13. With vehicles in this age group, all components of the driveline need verification as to condition.  You never know if any of the parts have ever been changed or gone bad in more recent times.  Lots of the cars never really got good service like basic oil and lube maintenance which can contribute to wear.  Listening to noises might give an indication as to the area of the problem, but still full inspection of all bearings and parts in the drive line need attention as to their condition.  We also in this day and age have few real mechanics that know these cars and can fix them.  Most garages won't touch them as they say we can't get the parts which isn't true.  Just takes a little innovation and some knowledge of who's got parts as listed on the club's website.  One reason Model Ts were so popular they were easy to fix, and with so many millions of them people in today's market actually have reproduced parts or new ones to keep them on the road.  Lincoln didn't get so lucky!   

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