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  1. Ralph, do you have the backup switch setup for a 41 Zephyr? I have the backup lights for it, but not the switch for the linkage. I've looked to put magnetic switches or mechanical switches, but nothing really fits properly. There is probably a simple way to attach a switch on the transmission. Any information you have would be appreciated. Ray Ray500@aol.com
  2. Documentation is skimpy to say the least for these vehicles. I think the mechanics of that day had to go it on their own with whatever experience they had, because Ford Motor Company had very poor documentation of their vehicles technically. Even printed sales brochures and ads were literally paintings, not photos. I have tried to collect whatever manuals I can find, but they leave a lot to be desired, and some have multiple years combined which can be confusing. I think there are technical bulletins out there for these vehicles, but not sure how detailed they are or useful in today's world.
  3. When people take a beautiful original car and tear it up with all their customization and changes, do they really expect to get big bucks for the mess? These classics will never be original again, and the fool hotrodders that think they know more than anyone else should suffer the monetary loss of their efforts that no one appreciates! So many early Fords and other classic cars were made into street rods that few are interested in buying. Who needs a 392 engine with automatic trans and airconditoning! If I wanted that I would just go by a new car!
  4. Where is the best place or source for new points and condensers/parts for the 41 Zephyr distributors? Thanks!
  5. I restore old radios from the 30s to the 50s, and do auto radios also. I always have my speakers reconed to keep the radios as original as possible, and many of the older ones have 'field coils' that are part of the power supplies used prior to permanent magnets being used in speakers in the 40s and later. Also speakers have characteristics that make them unique, and no cheap Radio Shack speakers can really deliver the sound originally intended. There are old radio supply houses like Antique Radio Supply in Mesa, Az. that sell speakers and other parts to repair old car radios. (www.tubesandmore.com) There is also a company in Florida that makes retro fit radios for old cars that have new tuners for AM/FM and higher powered audio amplifiers built-in that have the exact look and fit of the original radio. (www.antiqueautomobileradio.com)
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