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  1. Thank you all so much for your input and pictures, the information is most helpful. I did get a set of yom plates registered. They didn't say and I didn't ask about restoration with the thought of doing it after everything was settled. Virgil
  2. Have a set of plates that I would like to get restored. I know there are a number of vendors out there but do not know which to choose. Has anyone had plates restored and have recommendations? Thanks in advance Virgil
  3. Hi, Robert, The one on my 30' dictator GL looks the same, same part no. Virgil
  4. If this is any help this is a Karikeen that I have, that's mounted on a 30 Studebaker. It's missing some of the trim, but there is enough there that you can make a comparison. It has a karikeen logo inside. Virgil
  5. KKing That is an aftermarket trunk called a Kari-keen trunk made in Soux City Iowa during that time period . Kari-Keen was an aircraft company. Key word Kari-keen and you can find information and pictures. Virgil
  6. Have one just like it on a Dictator. I believe there may be a couple of different sizes. Virgil
  7. Have these tail lights installed on a 1930 Dictator. I think they are not the right year, but used them becaused thats all that I had at the time. They are studebaker type C. If anyone would know what year or years they were used on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks virgil
  8. debart65 Refurbished the running boards on a 1930 dictator last year using rubber and trim from L & L Antique Auto Trim at Pierce City Mo. 417 - 476-2871 They have all the correct material and it looks good. Virgil www.runningboardmetaltrim.com
  9. Here is a picture of what I have. It is mounted by the shaft housing with a nut securing it on the out side of the windshield. There are no mountings on the inside. I don't remember for sure but thinking is is trico. Virgil
  10. Looks just like the one on my 1930 Dictator. It mounts by the shaft housing so that it can swing out with the windshield. Virgil
  11. Try this. http://www.oldcarlenses.com/index.html I got a studebaker tail light from him in good restorable condition and complete. Virgil
  12. I enjoy looking at member cars, they're real enjoyable to look at. I'll share some pictures of my 1930 Dictator Thanks Virgil
  13. Studerex, Thanks for the reply. Virgil
  14. Wodrking on the hub caps for my Dictator and have a question about the detail around the S. Have run across some pictures that have the detail painted red and some that are plain no paint. Would anyone have any insght as to them originally being painted or plain and if painted, the color. Thanks Virgil
  15. Hi Wayne' I had a 1930 Dictator done, same problem. I believe the material was obtained from Hirsch auto. Phone 800-828-2061 www.hirschauto.com Good luck with it. Virgil
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