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  1. Understood, and thanks. Always pays to be vigilant.
  2. I was told over the weekend that AACA is now allowing show spectators to cruise around the cars on powered scooters (I'm not talking about powered units for handicapped people) , at the Charlotte meet. Is this so? This seems very dangerous, to both spectators and the show cars. If true, why would anybody at AACA think this is a good idea? Just curious. Again, not talking about powered transportation for those whose mobility is impaired. Please forgive if this topic has already been covered or beat to death. I searched, but couldn't find any reference to this.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies and great information. I have my hotel reservation and am looking forward to the show.
  4. Are the application forms out yet for Charlotte in April? I sent off to AACA a few weeks back, haven't heard anything yet. I'd like to get hotel reservations in place. Thanks!
  5. I need a matching pair for my 1953 Chevrolet truck. 6 volt, 7 inch diameter, not necessarily new but working on high and low beams. Not the "T-3" bulbs (Chevrolet didn't use those in 1953). Bulbs should look something like this: Can't find any, anywhere. All help greatly appreciated. Please contact vvwca@mindspring.com or by phone at 404-693-4159. Thanks!
  6. Are these generally entered in Class 22C (Commercial Vehicles) or 26D (Production Vehicles)? Thanks
  7. Terrific, thanks. It looks like it's going to be a spectacular show. I can't wait.
  8. This will be my first time at the Charlotte event. I received a registration package in the mail today, and I am a little confused. I registered my car to be judged in the HPOF class. I am not selling any parts, just showing the car. The parking sticker has me parking my car in the Red Field, which I see is a "flea market" area. Also, I received a "Vendor" pass. Does this sound right? Thanks for any help or clarification.
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