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  1. THanks everyone for your replies and insights. THe unit is definitely not household, as it appears to be either 6 or 12 volts max. I'm inclined to agree with the "boat" idea, only because I can't see how it would fit on a car and still be manually switched. It could also have been a gift of some sort. More questions than answers at this point I'm afraid. As for pictures, I have none, but the next thing I'll do is forward this web site on to the people who sent the query to me and let them take it from there. Thanks again for your kind assistance, - Old car people are the best! ~Brian
  2. A friend of mine purchased this at a swap meet and was told simply "it came off an old car". It measures approx. 10" tall and 10" wide, and is clearly stamped "Chrysler" on the interior of the housing. There is a manual switch on the back which powers the lights, and although one lamp is burned out, they appear to flash. My assumption is that it is from some type of emergency vehicle from the 30's or 40's, but the existence of the manual switch is confusing. What the heck is this thing and what car did it come off of? Thanks in advance to any and all who can offer some insight. I appreciat
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