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  1. have you changed the rubber hoses in the fuel line system?sometimes they will suck shut and cut back on fuel supply which possibly not cause a backfire.There is hoses at the tank and at the pump.Also if the vent hole in your gas cap is plugged it could cause a situation where the pump can't pull enough fuel out of the tank(loosen cap and try it)If it's a gremlin it's usually a small problem that is not obvious.GOOD LUCK----just guessing as you didn't say what make & model-----another thought maybe plugged exhaust?
  2. according to my book(Clymer 1963 written by OCee Ritch ,page 50)"Twelve hundred and fifty Continintals designated as 1941 models were sold to waiting buyers"----sorry just trying to impress you with the info in my book HAHA--To be fair I guess some model were cabriolets ect
  3. You need my book I'm selling(see my topic on here under "for sale"
  4. written by OCee Ritch,very good condition. Has reprinted service repair manual for Lincoln V12 engines-H-Series 1936-1947 book has 210 pages-no rips tears or major stains.------A REBUILDERS MUST HAVE----$50.00(what I paid for it) OBo-contact --mrgoodwrench20012000@hotmail.com for info (I am not a dealer )I used it to repair distributor on 47 Lincoln Cont for sale at auction nov 1 @vanderbrinkauction.com (Toppy Clark auction Nevada Mo)
  5. it just so happens that I have a copy of that book-published by Floyde Clymer ,copywrited 1963,written by OCee Ritch-sold then for $5.00-----back cover says "complete history of the Lincoln Continental and MK.II plus;specifications.restoration.maintenance.repairs----------has chapter on -interchanges- restoration-misc hints-hot rodding the V12-wiring diagram-&how to repair the Lincoln H series V12(reprint of 1947 copyright Ford repair manual)It's in excellent condition(pages are not bent or faded no grease stains)-----anyone interested?---let's talk $(I'm not greedy,just don't know what it's worth) mrgoodwrench20012000@hotmail.com
  6. Thanks now I know exactlly what I'm looking at.I had a picture of a 210 in "the Branson auction"book and it said that it(210) was rare so I wondered what the difference was--
  7. maybe we could get a little more detailed explaination? inside trim /outside trim ? what is different?I,m new to this restoration game ,I.m trying to figure out what it is that is setting on my friend's lawn.I know that it is a '53 Chevy 2dr hardtop nonpost belair,is it more rare than a 210 or 510 and what is the major differences in the "trim"? Thanks
  8. what is the difference between a 53 chevy 210 non post hardtop and a 2dr non post belair?
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Rusty_OToole</div><div class="ubbcode-body">How many people have ever actually read and understood Unsafe At Any Speed? I have, and it convinced me that Ralph Nader is a phony. I wouldn't trust anything he said, and a little digging reveals that he is motivated a lot more by self interest than he lets on. The Corvair was doomed from birth anyway. Frankly the rear engine economy car was rendered obsolete by front wheel drive the day the Austin Mini debuted in 1959. Ironically this was just about the time the Corvair reached the market. I don't believe there was another new rear engine car after the Corvair, although at one time they were very popular all over Europe. The front wheel drive car became the thing, as soon as they figured out how to make it. Every small car today is front drive. </div></div>---- LET'S NOT FORGET THE "PONTIAC FIERO"
  10. check forrest "toppy" clark auction @ vanderbrinkauction.com there is 5 different body styles of model A listed in a no reserve auction in western missouri(100 mi s of KC)nov 1,2008 all cars run and are in different states of restoration(4 are complete restos but have been stored for at least 10 years)---ps I'm the retired mech who has the extreme pleasure of making these sweethearts run for the 97 year old owner of over 60 automobiles ---WELL WORTH A LOOK AT THE PICTURES
  11. 1948 Lincoln continintal V12 to be auctioned nov 1 2008(see forrest toppy clark auction on vanderbrinkauctions)older restoration runs & drives brake lines blown and leaking-dark blue color owner just turned 97 yrs old Aug 15th.I have driven this car in the last week(when brake lines blew out)hydralic windows try to work on drivers side but not on passengers
  12. check out the forrest toppy clark auction at the vanderbrink auction site-1929 cadillac/1948 lincoln v12/48 diamond t 1ton/34ford modelb v8/(3) 56 t birds/56 lincoln/58Silverhawk ect -no reserve-Nov1 2008--nevada missouri(100 miles south of Kansas City)
  13. looking for info on emblem on trunk "MarkL" what is it -can be seen on pictures of an auction car at "Forrest 'toppy' Clark(vanderbrinkauctions.com) I am interested but confused as to what it means
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