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  1. Looking for both left and right tail light assemblies for a 1934 pontiac, 33/34 will both do. Need mounting brackets as well. Thanks LT
  2. Hi Guys, New On the board, have a 1934 Pontiac Straight 8 roadster and am looking for some parts for it. Specifically: 1)An output shaft, I know that similar year chevys were the same. I'd love to NOT have to buy ANOTHER transmission (long story) for the car, if anybody has parts! 2)I know this is like asking for the holy grail and atlantis in one, but I'm looking for Left AND right tail-light assemblies. along with the brackets. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and any info really would be as well, as I need to learn a little more about these cars! Again, thank you much!
  3. Just joined the board, have a 34 straight 8 convertible currently undergoing resto, looking for some parts as well! Good Luck!
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