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  1. I have 4 for sale, no snap rings. Please email if interested. oldodgeboys@yahoo.com Gus. California, USA.
  2. Man, why did they repair it?? The crash is what makes this car special! I heard they were going to fix the rips in the Declaration of Independence, then bleach the printing off and reapply the ink. It will look like new again.
  3. Here's the crash. Time frame is 7:39 to 8:04. It's a Wonderful Life part 11 YouTube - It's a Wonderful Life part 11
  4. Does someone have a picture and diameter of a correct gear shift knob for a '25 DB?
  5. I know the ad says he won't ship, but he may not know that you can ship a wheel without boxing or wrapping it. Just label it and send it. I did that a few years ago with UPS.
  6. Found this ad for those of you looking for disk wheels. Unclear if they are 20" or 21". Good luck. 1924 1925 1926 Dodge Rear End & Disc Wheels 1924 1925 1926 Dodge Rear End & Disc Wheels - $275 (Cordes Junction, AZ) <hr> Date: 2009-12-08, 5:01PM MST Reply to: sale-qbnuj-1501366337@craigslist.org <sup>[Errors when replying to ads?]</sup> <hr> Four steel wheels and rear end came from an early '26 Dodge sedan. Not sure of the years these fit. The tires are shot. $275. Not willing to ship these. Phone calls are best. 928-632-8347 in Cordes Lakes, AZ.<!-- START CLTAGS --> <!-- CLTAG GeographicArea=Cordes Junction, AZ -->Location: Cordes Junction, AZ it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests <!-- END CLTAGS --> <table summary="craigslist hosted images"><tbody><tr> <td align="center"></td> <td align="center"></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"></td> <td align="center"></td></tr></tbody></table>
  7. Hey earliriser- Did you give up...did you intend to start? Link: 1917 Dodge brothers roadster 1917 Dodge brothers roadster - $3000 (Camp Verde) <hr> Date: 2009-11-29, 10:31AM MST Reply to: sale-hzzps-1486630947@craigslist.org <sup>[Errors when replying to ads?]</sup> <hr> here it is, motor runs but don't expect to drive it home. no response to emails. 928-567-9092 <!-- START CLTAGS -->
  8. Scan of early '26 Roadster showing pin stripe-
  9. 632279 doesn't match 1914-1915 DB production. Also, DB had four cylinders at that time, not six. This will give you an idea of serial numbers for DB: Myers Early Dodge
  10. I've tried to upload a pdf image from two different computers, but no luck. Is anyone else having problems uploading images, or am I just 'special'?
  11. Bill- by approximately 1925 it was normal to have up to 50,000 difference between the car number and the engine number (engine number being higher). DB made more engines than cars...replacements, power plants, etc. See the info from M R Simpers 7 posts above in this thread.
  12. Here's a group of early 1926 drawings that were provided by DB for dealers. They came in a group in a heavy paper fold-flap pouch. I have the print of the roadster, but I don't have the other prints. I'm still working on getting it scanned...maybe Tuesday.
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