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  1. As ghostymosty said, if you go to a top shop that deals with high-end cars, (MB, Porsche, etc), they will do an excellent job. I had a new top installed on mine and I'm very pleased with the results. Haartz still makes a replacement top for the TC and the fit is great. The cost, however is a little steep, but it's worth it. Mine was $2500.00 including a new rear window. Enjoy
  2. If you don't mind a little drive to Frederick, MD., Tate Chrysler still has a TC mechanic employed there. They have three or four TC owners who go there for service. They've been good to me since I bought mine three years ago. Have fun with the TC.
  3. Tim's correct about getting to the spark plugs in the back. I had a similar experience changing the plugs on the rear bank. After putting a blanket on the fender and wriggling about, all the plugs were changed and the car ran just fine. The back plugs are a bear though. Good Luck! Enjoy the TC.
  4. When I bought my TC, the keys were mia. My first trip was to a local Chrysler dealer and they had none of the codes any longer. I then called a locksmith who came to the house and cut keys with no problem. He did have to file down the round head in order to get the key to fit. It works great now. I believe Jesser's keys may still have key blanks for the TC. Welcome to Jesser's Classsic Keys Duane
  5. Great information. Over the years, I've owned several convertibles; the first one being a '48 Studebaker. The all had some of the shakes mentioned even with a frame under them. My wife had a LeBaron and now has a Sebring convertible and they have the shake and jiggle. It is definitely more pronounced when the top is down. My TC does it too! It's part of a convertible.
  6. When I bought my '91, the odometer wasn't working and had to be repaired in order to pass MD inspection. The Chrysler dealer either fixed the odomater in house or sent it out for repair in order to pass inspection. It's now been two years and it's still working fine. Unfortunately I didn't ask how it was repaired. I paid the bill and went merrily on my way. The car gets looks whenever I take it out for a ride.
  7. I don't know if there are differences in the fuel pump or pressure regulator between the 2.2 and the V6, however, the service manual claims that the fuel tank needs to be removed to change the fuel pump. I haven't had the experience yet. Good Luck!
  8. Lots of good info here. If the car works to your liking, I hope you enjoy it. The TC gets a lot of lookers wherever you take it. There aren't too many left. I found mine about a mile from the house and I didn't know what it was until I researched. I'm real happy with the find. What few things I needed to correct/fix were all cosmetic.
  9. Car Chick is very fair with pricing. I don't believe she would sell you something if it wasn't good. I've purchased from her and had no problems.
  10. Check with Andy at TC Parts. He has them in stock and at a good price. I just ordered one for my '91.
  11. Welcome to the Forum! I'm a GM fan as well, but when I saw the TC I now own, it was love at first sight. It's now a member of the family and will be until... The folks here are very helpful. You might want to consider the TC Club of America, (TCA). Enjoy the TC! Duane
  12. I certainly appreciate the work as well. I too am a purist, however, if I was to personalize a car, I would probably do something simiilar. The effects are great! It's ceratinly an eye catcher.
  13. When I found my TC, little did I realize it came with an umbrella and tool kit. When I got the car home and started cleaning it up, lo and behold, both the umbrella and tool kit were there. What a find! Later I found a crystal key at Carlisle, and added it to the collection. I don't believe the TC gets the due it deserves. Yes, it has it's quirks, but what car doesn't? I'll take some pics of the door plate and umbrella and post them to the thread later.
  14. Hi folks, I was doing some looking around for an answer to the odometer problem problem and unfortunately didn't find what I was looking for, however, I did find a website for odometer repair. Here it is: www.odometergears.com. They are a repair shop and claim to be able to repair odometers. There was an article with pictures and instructions on the web, but's disappeared. I believe there was a thread on this site about a year ago. Good hunting.
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