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  1. Yes a good post, the club/ group thrives because of the knowledge and passion of many individuals like you that contribute your time to these posts
  2. yes Barney I did try and disconnect the Battery , and then hook it up again, I even crossed my fingers, but to no avail This did happen back in the summer once now that I think about it and once I pulled out of my garage and got a little bit down the road it cleared up, hmmm maybe looking back that was just the beginning of my problems, but I do see that on the next page if i had of looked someone else had this problem, and there are some things to try Thanks Barney
  3. hopefully someone else has had this problem. I forgot and left the ignition key on , and the battery went dead. The next day I took the key out and charged the battery. Now when I start the Reatta the dash is black and there is an error msg on the screen, as well as it says electrical problem on the lower left hand side. The car runs fine, but it is still in my garage and i have not tried to drive it yet. Will this clear up once i start to drive it. Over the years have had several cars where the battery ran down as the lights were left on, and never had a problem just charging them back up again.
  4. now that to me looks nice, just have to convince my wife
  5. would like to see some pictures of a red car with a black cloth top?
  6. we have a 1990 red and tan convertible, wondering what it would look like with a black cloth top instead of the tan one that it came with. it has saddle interior David
  7. I could be interested, but the windshield scares the heck out of me, can't find one in Canada
  8. have noticed in the last several years that some car collectors from Europe have actively been placing ads searching for certain cars like Jaguar XKE for example to buy and resell in England and europe, just wondering if this has OR may happen to our Reatta's ? also anyone know if there are many of our Reattas outside of North America
  9. thanks gentlemen, all comments and opinions are most welcome
  10. We have always wanted to Scottsdale for the Barret Jackson car show and auction in January. Just wondering if anyone in the car club has ever gone, where did they stay and what they thought about it, or better to stay home and watch it on Velocity? David
  11. thanks for all of the advice gentlemen
  12. would you have a picture of one of these, and how do I stop it from blowing away? David
  13. Unfortunately I have too many cars and will have to store my 1990 coupe outside this winter. Can anyone rec. a good reasonable car cover. Hopefully I can find one in Canada. David White
  14. wish I had known of this car sooner, even though it would have cost me more with the Canadian currency exchange it would have been worth it, if anything else like this in a 1991 shows up please let me know Barney has my # David White Niagara Falls Ontario Canada thanks everyone
  15. installed a new right side transmission mount in our 1990 coupe it's off the road for the winter so while my Bullitt Mustang is getting painted due to an idiot that didn't look before he backed up I will catch up on repair work. The drivers door lock needs freeing up but I need to find a blue replacement door panel, the car is a Maui blue. Last year I took the str. column apart to replace the ignition key and lock and tightened up the bolts for the tilt. The switch cured my intermittent no start, however there is more damage to the column and I will have to replace it. I have one out of a 1991 riv. Does anyone know if they are the same?