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  1. Did anyone happen to get any pictures of the Thorne truck, lettered Emory Snyder driving in? My son, the owner and I drove it in. I was hoping to find a picture of us. Thank you!!
  2. This doesn’t happen to be from Mifflinburg Body Works does it?
  3. Took your advice and set up a rest area in the south chocolate field. Spot CZ-29. Seats and free water!!! Stop by if you can
  4. Anyone have one or know where I could find one? Its for a touring car. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info. Does anyone have contact for him?
  6. Has anyone ever had one of these units repaired? I talked to Ficken wiper service but they do not have parts for that type. Its my understanding that they were used on some Full Classic automobiles. Ours is mounted on a 1932 Thorne gas electric bread truck.
  7. thank you! Is the roster online? I am not a member of the club
  8. I'm in need of a right front door for a 51 kaiser special. Any help would be appreciated
  9. This one was a bread truck then used as a mobile welder and pipe thawing rig. The owners father put a surplus 50's Chrysler industrial flat 6 in it. We are located in Hartleton, PA
  10. Can anyone tell me from the number what this radiator fit originally? Its currently in a 32 thorne gas electric. Thanks!
  11. for whatever reason it wont load directly from my phone. Sorry its sideways. Restorer32 would you mind giving me the name of your foundry?
  12. We have in our shop a 32 Thorne. The truck is mostly complete. It is missing the rad cap and the lever for the ignition is broken. The lever is very similar to a 28 dodge headlamp lever but the base is longer on the Thorne. I attached a couple pics. The radiator is a dodge unit #585936
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