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  1. looking for the taillight plugs that attach to the wiring harness for a Hall three lens type taillight. Hall was common on Packard and other late 20's luxery marques. I could use 2 or 3 plugs. Thanks for any help. -Peter
  2. Looking for the taillight plugs that attach to the wiring harness for a Hall 3 lens taillight. Hall was common to Packard and other luxery cars in the late 20's. I could use 2 or 3 of those plugs. Any help would be appreciated. -Peter
  3. I'm looking for the taillight socket plugs that attach to the wiring harness for a Hall taillight. They are a three lens light that was common on Packard and other luxery cars in the late 20's. I need 2 or 3. Thanks for any help or leads. -Peter
  4. Thanks Ed. I've been thinking of joining CCCA. In fact I tried but was fumbled by the credit card query on the website. Need to use paypal apparently. I'll have to retry. ~Peter
  5. Thank you Susan. I appreciate your help. You helped clear out my cobwebs on the subject ha :-) ~Peter
  6. Just to clarify based on another discussion thread I just read, , if there is an "Annual Grand National repeat Senior award" doesn't that mean that at the Grand National level, if you receive a 1st place, the first time you show, then that is considered a Grand National Junior? Then the 2nd time you show at a GN, if you get a 1st place, you then receive a Grand National Senior award? If you show for the third time at a Grand National and receive a 1st place you would then get a Grand National repeat Senior award. Am I correct? Super thanks~Peter
  7. Thank you everybody for your help. I will give National a call. I'm very much enjoying being a part of AACA. Great club and member support. This discussion site is the best. I'm learning alot and very much enjoy discussing various topics with all of you. Thanks for weighing in and I hope to see many of you in Hershey this fall! ~Peter Woyen
  8. Hello Peter, It is a first place Grand National -Thanks, Peter
  9. I received a Grand National award (junior) last fall. Is there supposed to be a radiator badge to go with that or do you receive the rad badge when you get your Grand National senior award? I suspect I should be showing a badge the next time I have the car at a Grand National meet, when I go for the senior. Should I be contacting someone at headquarters? Thanks!
  10. The box is in my 29 Stearns 8 cyl. It appears to be in good shape. I had a couple of bushings replaced and a couple o-rings installed to prevent or at least slow down oil leakage. The worm portion appears to be in fine shape as do the bearings. The guys on here were talking about replacement parts for certain models pf boxes. I suspect that Lincoln literature maybe lists what model Gemmer that Lincoln used. My Stearns info doesn't list a model number just that it is an hourglass type worm and wheel (Marles type) made by Gemmer. Cast iron case, hardened steel worm and wheel, ball thrust
  11. The two barrel intake and carb were stock items in 1929. However they must have been optional equipment or maybe became a stock item very late in 1929 more for the 1930 sales year. We have a two barrel manifold and I know of one other. There may be more than that but it's a minute amount. I agree that the car would perform great with that UUR2. I'd love to do that. Almost worth casting another two barrel manifold!?!
  12. To clarify I'm not suggesting that zinc alloy carbs by any manufacturer be shunned from the showfield as plate glass has. However when parts are deemed unsafe or unstable from a safety standpoint I think suitable era correct parts should be an allowable substitute with no risk of points being taken when judging. I'd be tempted to carry the Carbkings comments with me on the showfield if the discussion ever arose. I'd even be willing to show the original Tillotson with the car but I sure don't want to try to install it and run the car with it. Thanks, Peter
  13. Thank you Mr. Moskowitz for your input on the carb discussion. I also think the Carbkings info should be discussed by the judging committees. When the exact original part is no longer available or is unsafe to run, a period correct substitute should be allowed. I feel that it is a similar situation to safety glass being "required" not even just allowed when actually plate glass is what would be original. Plate glass shatters and is unsafe in your car. Potmetal Tillotson carbs (or the other carbs he mentioned) may be likewise unsafe and unuseable. Especially when considering the potential
  14. Thank you for your reply and information. A couple of years ago I purchased a Stromberg UU2 at Hershey. We have one 2 barrel manifold we hope to use some day on a speedster project. The sedans that we are restoring have single barrel intake manifolds however. I'm very interested in the UUR2 idea. The performance you are talking about sounds fun. My UU2 has a cracked up air horn. Have they been reproduced? That portion of the carb must be zinc alloy. We did find some brass bodied Zeniths that look very much like the Tillotsons. Zenith U6 is one of them. Dimentionally the same but la
  15. How do I indentify the numbers on a Gemmer steering gear? Is there anyone out there with some literature on the subject? Thanks, Peter
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