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  1. I have two of them, early came off 1937 coupe and sedan. If you rebuild one (bullit proof) for me I will give you one, I have brakes so just the canister Chris 360-560-9767......chelms67@hotmail.com
  2. hi! I have some brand new nos ash trays, could you tell me what lincoln and what year they fit. thanks you. chris
  3. thats a great shift knob,ive got a bunch of trunk handle's laying around i might steal your idea. is that a real henry 1932?
  4. Hey Hann. take a look at this. HOT ROD LINCOLN---BUILD--1937 zephyr - THE H.A.M.B.
  5. Hi Dee where is my V12????? talk to ya soon. Chris
  6. Yes! West, any help would be appreciated, i realy wanted to do this car justice, i have rebuilt a lot of street rod's and muscle car's, this car is a peice of motoring history. i want to get all the paper work, pictures, and if some one desputes the car i would like to find this out now rather than do a extensive restoration, no matter what come's from this it's a rare car and deseve's to be put back to it's glory. thank you Chris
  7. Hi i just got back from looking at the car, i wanted to take a good look at what West was talking about, thank goodness the front of the door's are the same! it was the picture that made it look different, so Dee you were right. thank you all. Chris
  8. wow! nice, that red 1937 three window, made my heart skip a beat.
  9. thank's Cecil car look's great but your teasing us with that little pic.
  10. Hi it's me again, looking for a bumper guard for my 1937 zephyr call Chris 360-560-9767
  11. hi, looking for two wide five's brake drum's. thank you Chris 360-560-9767or chelms67@hotmail.com
  12. thank's Dee i will injoy reading it to night at work. talk to you soon. Chis
  13. WOW! i would of never guest that it would be that low, i thought the Zephyr was Edsel's exotic car, to go in the same class as Cord,Duesenberg.i cant see how they could have made any money at that price,im sure Henry was not to happy about the Zephyr line. well! thank's guy's for the info. Chris
  14. Hi how much did the 1937 Zephyr three window cost new$$$$$$$$ i was told ten thousand dollar's, but that seem's way too much. thank's Chris
  15. Hey Dee, i thought the best tool was a chisel and a great big hammer!!!!! and i almost forgot ten skinned nuckel's , Just kiddin. Chris
  16. looks, great Cecil, i think i can say for all of us that we are getting excited, to see this car geting done. thank's and looking forward to getting the emblem Chris
  17. (WOW) that's look's so nice. how did you get that finish on the manifold? do you think that finish would be good for my intake and head's? thank's CH
  18. Hi, talked to Earle today, he said his wife was in the hospital. He is in California and will be back taking orders 11/14/08. his wife is doing well. thank's CH
  19. i hope this is ok to post this here, if it is not i will remove it. thank's Chris
  20. thank's phil ive enjoyed your pic's for year's Chris
  21. WoW that's a great car! my favorite part of the car, is the shifter and dash. does it have a Columbia axle? and did you score a good deal? can we se pic's of the motor? Chris
  22. Dee that look's very nice, are you going to put that on your stroker V12. chris
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