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  1. The running board trim is the same for 1936 and 1937 but the 1938 is longer. I have measured a couple of battered trims that I have here and the 1936/7 is 91 inches long whereas the 1938 is 94 inches long. This makes sense as the 1938 had a slightly longer wheelbase and the extra length of the trim is in the front fender. I also measured the rear skirt trims but only have a 1936/7 and that is 41 inches long. Although they look the same the 1938/9 rear skirts are slightly deeper than the 1936/7 in the rear section were the lock fits. I don't have a 1938 skirt trim to measure but I think they must be slightly longer. According to the parts book they have a different part number to the 1936/7 trim so there must be some kind of diffidence. Hope this helps...Regards, Colin.
  2. 1936/7 Ford V8 Model 62 manufactured in England fitted with the small 22hp (RAC rating) engine known as the V860 in USA. An almost identical car was sold in France as the Matford, a collaboration between Mathis and Ford. The aircraft is a Vultee V-1AD used in 1936 during an attempt at the first New York -London-New York double crossing flown by Harry Richman and Henry T "Dick" Merrill in the famous "Ping Pong" flight when to ensure buoyancy in case of ditching, empty spaces in the aircraft were filled with ping pong balls. It was later used by Nationalist Forces in Spain as a transport and high speed bomber.
  3. 1923 Ford TT one ton truck , Manchester, England built, left to rot with only 2156 miles.
  4. 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe Type 760B with RHD
  5. This photo shows the French General Maxime Waygand (1867-1965) arriving at an army conference in a 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Sedan. By early 1940 the military disaster in France after the German invasion was such that the Supreme Commander, Maurice Gamelin was dismissed and replaced by Waygand who was recalled from service in Syria. Waygand arrived on 17 May 1940 and did his best to organise a counter-offensive but it was too late. The licence plate "TL" is a French Army issue for Levant, Syria and Lebannon so it is probable that Waygand brought the car from Syria with him or this photo was taken in Syria. It is difficult to imagine that the French Army would purchase a gleaming new Lincoln convertible with white wall tires so perhaps it was Waygand's personal car.
  6. A tiny photo found in an antique shop in the north of Germany shows a 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr . Written on the back in German " How do you like my new car , Lincoln 12 cylinder?" This German army officer must have sent this photo home from the front to his family. He has acquired his new car from some unfortunate previous owner in Holland or Belgium whose nice three year old Zephyr has been commandeered by the invading German Army in 1940. The licence plates have been removed and the letters "WH" (Wehrmacht Heer or German Army) stenciled on the left front fender. Before too much longer the car would have been painted Army drab with blackout lights fitted. The German Army commandeered some 30,000 cars from Holland alone and pressed them into military service. I wonder if the Army officer survived the war ?
  7. She was part exchanged with Dennis Bros, Guildford c1929. Dennis then sold her to Billings Printers (part of Caxton Press) as works engine and she remained with them until 1961, when acquired for preservation for the sum of £50 estimated to be her scrap value. She was used during WW2 when Guildford was bombed. Southampton must have been pleased with her as they bought a smaller 4 cylinder version in 1915, named "Ada". She was scrapped in 1932.
  8. The maker was Merryweather who were based in London, c1912.
  9. 1912 John-Morris-Belsize Fire Engine delivered to Southampton Fire Brigade (England) in December 1912. Huge 6 cylinder 15 litre engine and named "Madeleine" which was the name of the Mayor's wife. Preserved in full working order at the Whitewebbs Museum, near London. The only known survivor of her kind.
  10. 1934 Ford V8 with coachwork by Dagenham Motors, London. The bodies were actually built by Abbey Coachworks of west London who were sub-contractors to Dagenham Motors. There are no known survivors.
  11. On the 75th anniversary of VE Day it seems appropriate to include a military vehicle. This is a 1941 Ford C11ADF Station Wagon built by Ford Canada for the British War Office for use in the Western Desert. The chassis is modified with truck rear axle, longitudinal rear springs, Mercury engine and LIncoln brakes. 1430 were delivered during the war with survivors being sold as war surplus in the late 1940's. Today just 4 are known to exist.
  12. British Ford V8 Pilot current 1947-51 . Not Pre -War but based on the USA 1935 Ford.
  13. Another Lincoln-Zephyr, this time a rare RHD Coupe (total manufacture 46 examples) converted to a fire tender serving the UK War Department''s Hawthorne Fire Section at Box in Wiltshire in 1940. This may seem like sacrilege but the British had lost some 25,000 vehicles in the retreat to Dunkirk in May 1940 and emergency vehicles were in short supply. Hundreds of American cars were converted into fire trucks, ambulances and food wagons as they were large and strong. The Government purchased these but many patriotic owners also gave their cars to the war effort.
  14. 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr showing a car with Marchal headlamp conversion required by French law and 1937 Paris licence plate 5589RL2 The photograph was taken at the Carrousel D'Elegance Automobile De Saint Cloud held at the Saint Cloud Golf Club in 1937. Saint Cloud is on the western outskirts of Paris. A pencil note on the back stated "Coralia Cabrera" (i think) who I assume to be woman The name sounds Spanish but I can't uncover anything about her.
  15. 1938 Lincoln-Zephyr Convertible Coupe. Note on back...." Fete des Artistes du Tremblay, Mlle. Mistinguett, dans concours au concours d'elegance automobile, 16 June 1938" The location is Tremblay race course on the southwest outskirts of Paris. "Mistinguett", born Jeanne Bourgeois (1875-1956) was an entertainer who appeared at the Folies Bergere and Moulin Rouge. With risque routines that captivated Paris , she was the highest paid female entertainer in the world in her time. She never married but had a long relationship with young Maurice Chevalier.
  16. I replaced one of these bearings during the restoration of my 1938 LZ. When I bought the car it had already been removed during an attempted restoration. I did find it very difficult and had to make a suitable puller to get it back into position. It took a great deal of time and modification to puller to get it to work. Please see the attached diagram showing the special Ford tool to do this. Ironically I found one of these tools at Hershey two years ago and bought it but hope that I will never have to use it. Regards from England.
  17. Try the following who made glove box liners for my 1938 which will be the same as 1937.At one time he advertised in the LZOC magazine. Ron Carpenter 20 Los Ranchitos Alamo CA 94507 Tel 925-933-1486 Prices in 2013 were singles $68.95 pairs $145.95 Hope this helps. Regards from England.
  18. Your window appears to be correct. Please see attached photo of my NOS 1939 window
  19. Just checked my two '37's and they are as Dizzy Dales photo. As I restored both cars I assume that I got it right at the time.
  20. That headlamp decoration was for 1937 only. Strangely, 1938 Ford V8's sold in South Africa used the same decoration.
  21. Ambassaborblue.....I can set up the LZ distributor as I have the original timing jig. You will find my contact details in the LZOC Roster but if not a member let me have you contact details. I am in the UK just outside London.
  22. Chuck The trunk lid support that you have is non-original. The trunk lid hinge on one side had a spring loaded mechanism that held the trunk in the open position To close it the trunk lid would be raised slightly that would turn the mechanism to release the lid. Most were broken as owners tried to close the lid by simply pushing down. There was even a warning tag in the spare wheel bracket to remind owners. Most likely you hinge was broken many years ago and a repair was made....Regards Colin.
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