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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you both for your tips. I should have thought to ask Chris Herrel. Here in the UK we did have a number of Gas Tank Renu outlets but they seem to have all closed. At the moment the tank is holding OK but I will need to address this problem in the near future. Thank You.
  2. I noticed that the gas tank on my 1937 Coupe is starting to "weep" in two places. As it has been repaired at least twice in the past including Bill Hirsch slosh sealer perhaps the time has come to replace it. As I am in England the chance of finding good used tank is nil. Has anybody used a Bob Drake reproduction Ford V8 tank in a 1936-39 Zephyr ? The 1935-6 car tank 68-9002 looks as if it might work. If anybody has experience of this it would be very helpful. Thank You.
  3. Please see the attached photo of Rikard Jonsson's 1938 in Sweden with headlamp lens by Bosch. These were fitted to Zephyrs sold in most of Europe, excluding France, and also to cars sold in England. The reflector was also a Bosch item secured with an adapter plate to fit to the LZ headlamp bucket. For cars sold in France the lamps were replaced by Marchal units.
  4. Walt, Happy Birthday from your friends across "The Pond". Brand new, unsold 1939 Buicks, Packards and Chryslers taken into Government ownership, March -June 1940.
  5. As we approach the 80th anniversary of the evacuation of British and allied troops from Dunkirk in Operation Dynamo this a 1939 Mercury was one of some 65,000 vehicles left in the towns, roads and beaches of northern France and Belgium. Orders were given destroy everything but thousands of captured cars and trucks were reconditioned by the Wehrmacht, most seeing service in Russia. This Mercury appears to carry British army markings and was less than one year old when destroyed, either in battle or by the British Army.
  6. 1928 Lincoln L with unknown French coachwork. Suggestions are Binder, Franay or Saoutchik. The licence plate can be dated to Paris, 1928. The car has a full set of Grebel lamps and disc wheels (Michelin?) The photo was found by me at a Paris flea market.
  7. 1915/16 AEC "Y" type lorry, probably ex-British Army from the First World War. Modified with pneumatic tyres and later cab still in use in London in 1954.
  8. I am also in the UK and can't help with any history of the car in America. However your car is Cambridgeshire registered (CE) and the motor registration records 1904-77 are listed as being in the Cambridgeshire Archives. You should be able to establish the original owners details if you don't know them already. Cambridgeshire Heritage Castle Court, Shire Hall Castle Hill Cambridge CB3 0AP Tel 01223 717281 I am sure that at the moment they are shut due to lockdown. Hope this helps, it's so good to trace the history of these cars. Colin.
  9. Try Merv Adkins in CA 909-908-1332
  10. There is a "horseshoe" shaped spring that fits to the lower section of the glove box doors. If you look carefully you will see the recess where it fits. 1937-39 are all the same and maybe the later cars also.
  11. 1938 Hudson Convertible, probably photographed post war in Belgium. In the background there is a British Ford V8 military utility type WOA2.
  12. 1937 Packard 120-C with coachwork by Henri Chapron of Paris. Photographed in London in 1970s . Current whereabouts unknown.
  13. Chris Herrel has these available. Check his on-line catalog.
  14. Jord, as you suggested the late style starter and Bendix drive is the original fitting for the 56H engine which has the flexible flywheel. On this engine the oil pan recess for the Bendix drive is slightly longer than that on previous engines. According to the late Jake Fleming the early type Bendix is slightly too large and will impede the meshing of the gears. Please see the attached illustration from TWOTZ that was one of Jake's many tech tips. Hope this helps.
  15. 1934 Airflow in use as a taxi in Liverpool, England in 1954. It was still in very good conduction for a 20 year old car.
  16. I had to change out the new rubbish Chinese tubes on my Lincoln-Zephyr here in the UK. I found heavy duty 700 x 16 Michelin tubes at North Hants Tyres also here in UK Excellent quality. They have many other sizes available. Google North Hants Tyres for their web site. They will ship worldwide.
  17. British supplied Right Hand Drive car registered in London, September 1936. The photo is wartime with white painted bumpers and blackout mask on fog lamp.
  18. Licence Plate indicates Munich area of Bavaria, Germany.
  19. Ex-King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria being met at Khartoum Airport, Sudan with a 1932 Ford V8 Sedan. In the background the Imperial Airways biplane airliner in which he had arrived.
  20. I think that you have it on back to front and perhaps upside down. If I remember correctly the "open" part of the gasket fits to the rear to clear the fuel pump push rod. Give it a try.
  21. 56H denotes post war engine 1946-48
  22. 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr Sedan, Right Hand Drive, bought by my late father 62 years ago and still in the family where it will remain.
  23. My father, Frederick Spong age 23, riding his 1938 Coventry Eagle motor cycle on patrol while serving with the Home Guard in the summer of 1940 when an invasion by Nazi Germany was expected to take place at any time. Fortunately this never happened but it was a very real threat.
  24. Henry, I will try to find some photos of it which I know that I have somewhere. In addition I am still in contact with a precious owner. Regards, Colin.
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