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  1. http://www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com/parts/parts_counter_2.html#runtz solid state 6-12V inverter $100, about halfway down the screen on the right
  2. But from the outside can't the thieves just turn the door handles down and slip off the chain ? ... and shame on the mobsters for letting the other mobsters get close enough to chain them up in the first place - thought these guys were supposed to shoot first and ask questions later *L*
  3. Just a general comment about amp meters -- there are several different ways to connect the amp meter, and the reading you get will mean different things depending on how it is connected in your car. If the meter is connected in the battery lead, that is, between the battery and the rest of the electrical system, then you are reading what is going into or coming out of the battery + amps for charging and - amps for discharging. Normal operation on this system would have the meter near zero most of the time after the battery has been recharged after starting, regardless of which electrical devic
  4. John Gelfer: Many of the currently offered (new) overdrive units are derivatives of the Laycock DeNormanville electric overdrive which first appeared (to the best of my knowledge) in Austin Healy 100/6 and Triumph TR3 in the late 50s or early 60s. They were later used (same unit) in Volvos with electrically operated overdrive. Now basically the same unit is being offered for mid sized pickups and RVs, so they must be pretty strong. My experience with them in the brit cars back in the day is that they are pretty bullet proof but are somewhat susceptible to sticky shifting problems if the oil
  5. I've always wanted one of those old 'gangster cars' with the hump on the back, so I recently got this '36 olds. I'm totally new to old car restoration, and right at present I'm trying to see what's available by way of parts so I can decide whether to try to put this car back toward original or go forward with my original plan and make a custom out of it. As you can see, a lot of pieces are missing, but the metal and wood are basically sound, with no big dents, rust holes or rot. I have found sources for glass, headlight cans (costly), and maybe a grille, but I still have a lot of questions. A
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