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  1. Thanks again for all of the feedback. I'm back again after being off the air due to a modem failure. I noticed that Layden suggested checking the authenticity of demountable rims. Does he or someone else know that they are not authentic for a 1911 White? I have no reason to think these are not the original wheels. In addition, does anyone know if these wheels should be finished with paint or in a natural wood finish? Thanks again. Dave Pfeiffer
  2. Thanks for all of the responses. I appreciate the insight and sharing of experience on restoring these wheels. My main question which I may not have made very clear was whether or not gluing all of the wood parts together would create problems later. My main concern was whether the inflexibility of the glued wheel would be a problem. It sounds like it would be. Thanks again for the replies. Dave Pfeiffer
  3. I have been reviewing the forum discussions, and I don't see any topics that cover this question. I am starting to restore wood spoke wheels (my first attempt) for a 1911 White. These are demountable rim wheels with wood felloes and a steel band that goes around the wood felloes. Except for a couple of bolts holding the hub in place, I have removed all metal hardware from one of the wood wheels. If I remove the hub, I expect the wood wheel to fall apart. Since I want to refinish the wood portion of the wheels separately from the steel parts but with all of the spokes and felloes together,
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