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  1. Nice pile of stuff,I imagine you are like a kid in a candy store on Christmas Day. Glad it all worked out for everybody.The new owner is elated with his new Stude. The haulers did well.Looks like everyone is a winner.Very rare that everyone is happy Now go back and play Ken
  2. Use the sealer, It makes all the difference in the world..
  3. I see we got the phone number issue squared away. Good luck to both party's... Ken
  4. Dynaflash, l sold my 1930 Studebaker Pres. Thursday.It took two and a half years. AACA forums,ClassicCars.com,Hemmings,generated over 20000 views,with less than 12 inquires. I worked with the buyer for seven months,he paid me asking price plus.for waiting for him to take of his business. He,s happy. I have mixed emotions.It took me six years to build.I did it to see if I could get an AACA Grand National award, got junior and senior on first attempt. I really don't care for the crap you have do to get Grand National Status..so I lost interest. The right guy will come along,the catch is how much time you want to wait. I have never lost money on any car I ever did.I do 99 percent of the work myself. If you do not have a pretty fair skill set and have to "farm it out"you are allmost guaranteed to lose money Your conversations lead me to believe you are in a struggle against time and money. I hope it works out for you. Only you and your wife can make that call. All the best. Ken
  5. Just sold a car yesterday.We used a wire transfer . I was amazed how easy it was.
  6. Dep5, I can't quite figure out who or what your beef is about. It sure looks likes a fine car to me. Maybe you can explain it so we can understand what upset you so much
  7. I agree that Silver Solder is the way to go .lf the cracks don't happen to run to the end of the part you need to use a Dremel tool cut off wheel to cut a grouve thru the metal so the Silver Solder will flow thru metal Be prepared to spend a lot of time with a file and sandpaper to get it right, Ken
  8. How does one become a senior member???
  9. What's your location in La. I live in Houma, Ken
  10. MATT YOU ARE WRONG!!!!! I sold an oil pump to a man in Norway a few years ago My bank did not want to use a wire transfer for some reason. We agreed to Western Union,I used a local bank"not mine". He sent the funds ,I sent the pump, deal done. I paid no fees at all. Ken
  11. Checkout TCP Global in Duncan SC. I used single stage urethane on my STUDE. Very pleased. If you paint this summer use highest temperature reducer you can get. Use sealer before you paint top coat.
  12. I drove my 64 Wildcat about 120 miles this weekend. Check out the post in general discussion to check out our outing Saturday. This was a mini tour put on by Lagnaippe from Houma,La If you "uplanders"every wondered where your rain and snow ends up ,check out the spillway pictures. Ken
  13. Did you know that 1278 fires on one coil and 3456fires on the other.check your condensers. Does the engine run?? ken
  14. Wow two minutes ago I just posted my200t/h ,I was so proud now I am truly humbled. good job! Kaiser
  15. I used Tomneau cover material on my 1930 Studebaker,not hard to get 84" wide. Smooth pattern looks like original to me,although yours looks a little more defined.
  16. I just noticed on1957 road master post that the ad said it is a 130" wheel base (bottom of picture,left side)
  17. John, Long time since I heard from you. At this time I have a deposit on the Stude. lf this doesn't work out I,ll start all over.Your input over the last year or so was very valuable to me, Thanks again Ken
  18. I charge the battery with a 6 volt battery charger
  19. If your search doesn't work out call Hastings ,they can help you Ken
  20. That's your problem,,fill it before you install it ,problem solved!!!