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  1. Hudson 6, and that's not a guess. This is one I restored for a customer.
  2. Due to space limitations, I can only upload 2 pictures here. If you're interested in this you can see all 24 pictures of it on ebay. Do a search for 293646039310 and you'll find them. This ad reflects those additional pictures. This is an Edelbrock L300 3x2 intake that fits Mercury, Edsel, and Lincoln (MEL) engines that are 383, 430, or 462 cubic inch engines from 1958 to 1966. It is absolutely flawless and I'd rank it as one of the top 3 restorations I've ever done. It looks like new. I've even restored the dull polish on the logos that Edelbrock put on them at their factory. Ther
  3. Desperately need a source for 2 base (carburetor to manifold) gaskets for water heated Carter WCD carburetors used on 1951-53 Chrysler 2 barrels on 331 Hemi's. Thank you in advance for any help. Art
  4. Charles, I stand corrected. As you said, he did make a head for the Pontiac 8. I had it backwards. He never showed a head for a Pontiac 6 in his catalogs. Moral? Don't work from memory when you have documentation. Art
  5. A little late but........... Edmunds made dual carbs for Pontiac 6 and 8's. 6's came in 2x1 and 2x2 (3 bolt Stromberg style). 8's came in 2x2, one version using Pontiac 4 bolts, and the other version used Stromberg 3 bolts. Edmunds also made a finned aluminum head for the 6, but never for the 8. Just thought I'd post this as a reference for future searchers. Here's some pictures of a Pontiac 8 I restored last year wearing Stromberg WW carbs.
  6. If mine had been on a car in 1953, it would probably also look like that. Art
  7. Without going into the long, convoluted story of how I ended up with this carburetor, I'll just tell you what I have. It is a brand new Carter WGD-2052S. It is an original 1953 production version that was probably originally purchased from a Kaiser dealer in 1953. Unlike the other one that I've seen on eBay, search for item # 400801135141, this one makes no mention of 1954 Kaiser or 1954 Willys. It merely says it fits 1953 Kaiser Dragon, Model K-530, DeLuxe, Model K-531, and Manhattan, Model K-532. That states to me that this is one of the original production run of these in 1953. The Go
  8. Hi Bob, The picture of the manifold did the trick. It was buried under 3 vacuum lines, wiring for the vacuum sensor, wiring for the carb AC step up solenoid, engine hoist loop and heater hose fitting. If that wasn't enough, the loom tape on the vacuum sensor wiring had partially unwound and completed the burial. I'm installing a 3" nipple with a "T" fitting on the top and the 2 sensors will screw into the "T". I'll bleed the air after it's installed. The only mods I'll have to make is a 1/4" hole and grommet to get the wiring for the Stewart Warner gauge into the cabin. It will be easil
  9. Hi Bob, Thank you, but it flat out isn't there. The only thing going into the water crossover on the manifold is the vacuum switch. Looking at it again inspired me to go further. I believe I found it on the back of the left head. Looks like a temp sensor and has a single pale green wire with a slip on connector going to it. Definitely looks like it's going into the water jacket in the head. I also will take your advice and get the CD of the service manual. Art
  10. Hi and Help! Where is the coolant temperature sensor located? There is a monstrosity threaded into the right side of the coolant crossover on the intake manifold. It has two wires plugged into the top and vacuum lines entering and leaving it below. Looks to be 1/2" NPT threads going into the manifold. Every listing for a replacement that I can find shows a picture of a very normal looking sensor. The part I'm looking at is anything but normal looking. I'm hoping what I'm seeing is NOT the temperature sensor but some smog control sensor. I have no faith in the two stage idiot light and
  11. Any interest?? I'm in the process of restoring an intake off a 41-42 Buick small block straight 8. Includes original Carters, progressive secondary valve, primary spacer block, and air cleaner. Carters are currently being rebuilt and the starter switch is still there (Don't know if it works or not). Manifold will be primered as I have been told 41 and 42 ran different engine colors. No linkage or fuel lines. Air cleaner appears perfect with no major dents or dings. It hasn't been stripped yet so I'm not 100% sure about small stuff on it. It appears to be complete. Original center wing
  12. I'll cut to the chase to limit your reading time. Will a set of headers designed for a late 30's to 50's Plymouth/Dodge 218/230 six fit on a 201.3 from a 1935 DV Dodge? I thank you for any and all help in advance. Thanks, Art
  13. Thank you Bob. You've been a great help. Same dimensions and same flange set up=same engine. Your help is greatly appreciated. Art
  14. Thank you Bob. Are the mounting flanges shaped pretty much the same?
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