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  1. I agree! A true restorer does'nt paint over nickel or change paint colors soley for sales! kaycee
  2. You've already gone a long way. Squirt some PB Blaster or a mixture of acetone and atf on the valve stems and in the plugs ,for a day or two and see if they loosen. Keep us posted and good luck! kaycee
  3. At my age and having had four years of English with a AAAAA+++++I can't say that kind of language is just O.K, but I know how to speak sixty five years later! kaycee
  4. Thanks Chris, I'll phone you Monday. Have a good weekend! kaycee Kent
  5. Hi, Is a color copy avaiable for purchase? Thanks! kaycee
  6. The factory brochure says the engine has a balancer on it. They call it a High frequency- oscillating vibration dampener in the sales manual. The "balancer" could also cause a vibration in the drive train. kaycee
  7. Just guessing. Maybe a Marmon model 68 or newer flathead. My Little 8 and the model 78' s are overhead straight 8 overhead valve. kaycee
  8. "Never owned an Olds , but my last few Buicks run great with their engines! Nice car , just don't let the Amphicar get jealous! kaycee
  9. Hi, You listed a flathead engine for extra parts. The model 78 had an overhead eight engine. kaycee
  10. Years back I had an unusual problem with my first '63 Riv. The oil light came on only after a few miles, and after checking the usual things I found a cause that I have'nt seen since on all my Rivs and nailheads. The "idler shaft" in the oil pump backed out enough where I had oil pressure up to about 25 pounds and the light would come on at low speed and cold. kaycee
  11. Andi, Another thing to check is your power steering pump level to see if it's low and look at the hoses and fittings on the hoses. Hopefully the power steering hoses or trans oil cooler lines or fittings are your problem! kaycee
  12. Your leak could be from one of the trans. oil cooler lines or fittings where they screw onto the trans. or from the front seal or trans oil pan. Crawl under when it's running (IN PARK with the parking brake on!) and see if you see where the fluid is leaking from. kaycee
  13. The coldest I've lived in was minus 45 degrees actual temp in northern Wisconsin in the early 80s.I was used to cold weather in Illinois, and loved it up north for 12 years but I was glad that day was a weekend and that my home was warm and I was off work! kaycee
  14. They say that one mans junk is another mans treasure, and I don't know what these parts are or what they're for, so good luck! kaycee
  15. I just bought a like new Ideal hand riveter on eBay to use on my 28 Pontiac front linings, and there are more on there now. They'er easy to use and not costly. kaycee
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