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  1. Peter, They could be 1929 or 1930 after looking at the radiator shell. I have a 1928, so I can't tell you the value, but someone out there can use them! kaycee
  2. Hi Peter, These parts look like 1930. Good luck! kaycee
  3. Hi Dave, It looks like you had the oldest Buick listed on this post today, and a lot of fun. GREAT! kaycee
  4. Hi Mr. Earl, Good gifts! If you were in my central Illinois area tonight you'd be VERY thankful! ( First time in 20 years it's going down to minus 19 with a 40 below wind chill!) And I'm complaining after living in Northern Wis. for 12 years! Now I know that I'm getting older!) What a old car wimp! Have a great 2014!!! kaycee
  5. Another comment: You can buy tons of plates on eBay with a great choice from all states in varying condition. I added to my old Illinois plate collection from the ones my late father had, and now have them back to Illinois.-- 1913. kaycee
  6. I also live in Illinois, and if you buy antique plates here you can use the year of car plates on it as long as you carry the antique plates and registration for them in the car. The limits are that you can only use the registration and plates while going to a car related function or getting maintenance or repairs done and not for everyday driving. The fee is cheap and the plates are good for four or five years before you have to renew them. kaycee
  7. Hi, You don't happen to have the windshield visor brackets or manifold heater? Please PM me or e-mail . Thanks. kaycee e-mail littleeight@att.net
  8. My first Buick (and second car) was a '50 Super 2 dr hardtop with a stick shift and high speed Dynaflow rear axle. It had a very dark metallic green (almost black) top, and a very light "creamy" green on the bottom. It was a beautiful car, and I wish I never sold it even though it was the first of 18 Buicks including seven Rivieras in my life. kaycee
  9. Fantastic workmanship and talent! Have you thought about what your next project will be when you finish the Continental? kaycee
  10. Hi Roger, After following your work on this thread, I can really understand the term "runs like a Swiss watch" . Talented and beautiful workmanship, and something to be extremely proud of. Thanks for your posts, and keep them coming! kaycee
  11. As Paul Dobbin mentioned, spotlights were a common accessory available in the teens and twentys. I have two twenties cars and would'nt install them, but I bought a old ('20s) Autoreelite spotlght with a mirror on the rear and a "hub" in which the wires coiled so the lamp could be extended, possibly for engine or tire repair in the dark. I did'nt buy it for one of my cars, but thought it looked like a nice collectible. In my late '20s Chiltons supply and accessory manual it lists many manufacturers of spotlights.
  12. Hi Wes, I , not only being a old car guy, but also appreciating all things in our country,s history, agree with you 100%. Too many old artifacts, buildings, etc. have been demolished or destroyed in the past with nothing left except photographs or old photo postcards left for us , our children and grandchildren. That's why most of us are in the old car hobby today. I've never been to Covina, but I think you're making some good points in your letter, and wish you the best of luck and help in saving a piece of history! kaycee
  13. My favorite was my first '63 Riv.: Silver with silver leather deluxe interior, with the silver engine of course. Second favorite: Dark blue , blue standard interior. I also had a red '65, black interior, and a silver with black interior that I liked, but the all silver '63 was my definate number one. kaycee
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