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  1. 1990 TC extra parts for sale<!-- google_ad_section_end --> <HR style="COLOR: " SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Package of: White Hardtop excellent condition with portal and back window with defroster connection(excellent condition with like new liner)all original. Black bucket leather passenger seat(original)excellent w/o tears. Air bag never deployed. Inside side leather panels(passenger and driver) with electric door lights. Radio bezel set. Power white mirrors for outside. Black sunvisors(excellent shape and all electric connections work). Rear seat electric window side glass(s) only(original) Rear seat storage door. Original driver/passenger floor mats(great condition). Rear top chrome piece. Module for back window heater(on/off switch made in Canada 257 9 A) I will make deal for all or any of above. You will have to arrange shipping/handling/pickup.
  2. This hardtop is beautiful. Liner is excellent as are all windows. You can buy it for $300, but you will have to arrange/pay for shipping and handling,etc. I am in Dallas Texas.
  3. Remaining parts: All in excellent/immaculate condition: 1. White hardtop with clear portals and glass back window with heater attachments. 2. Air bag never deployed . 3. Black leather indoor panels with lights(passenger and driver's sides). 4. Floor mats- original. 5. Radio bezel set. 6. Black bucket leather passenger seat. 7. White power mirrors. 8. Black sunvisors with light attachments. 9. Back top chrome piece. 10. Rear quarter window glass(original). 11. Original sales brochure. Email your offer to docinvestments@yahoo.com
  4. Do you need/want any of these parts. The parts are original and in excellent looking/working condition. Rear storage door. Rear windows. Air bag. Power mirrors(white). Radio bezel set. Rear chrome piece. Floor mats(Black). Sunvisors(black). White Hardtop for TC. Inside door leather panels(black). Bucket seat(passenger)(black). Make me a reasonable offer. Shipping/handling extra unless arranged by you. Sincerely, Doc Docinvestments@yahoo.com
  5. Only $125 plus you must arrange shipping from Dallas Texas. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  6. Only $100 each plus shipping/handling/insurance. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  7. This hardtop in excellent condition(paint,headliner,portal windows,heated back window) To be picked up in Dallas Texas or arrange your own shipping. $450.00 obo. docinvestments@yahoo.com <HR class="messageHeaderDivider colorK2" noShade> <SCRIPT type=text/javascript defer charset=utf-8>var YAHOO = {'Shortcuts' : {}};if (typeof YAHOO == "undefined") { var YAHOO = {};}YAHOO.Shortcuts = YAHOO.Shortcuts || {};YAHOO.Shortcuts.hasSensitiveText = false;YAHOO.Shortcuts.sensitivityType = [];YAHOO.Shortcuts.doUlt = false;YAHOO.Shortcuts.location = "us";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_id = 0;YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_type = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_title = "tc hardtop";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_publish_date = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_author = "docinvestments@yahoo.com";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_url = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_tags = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.document_language = "";YAHOO.Shortcuts.version = "2.9.0";YAHOO.Shortcuts.annotationSet = {};YAHOO.Shortcuts.annotationSetID = "1009fea69357938a39a1b4c3375af272";</SCRIPT><STYLE type=text/css><!--DIV {margin:0px;}--></STYLE><LINK rel=stylesheet type=text/css href="http://d.yimg.com/jq/css/cs_3.7.2.css" media=all>
  8. Complete panels for passenger/driver's doors with inside lights and reflectors. Panels in excellent condition as are lights. Make me reasonable offer. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  9. :)Make me reasonable offer on passenger/driver power mirrors in excellent looking and working condition. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  10. :)Looks like new. Original storage door for 89-91 TC . Make me reasonable offer. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  11. Make me a reasonable offer for the White hardtop for the TC in excellent condition(paint,headliner,maserati back window,original clear portal windows,back window electrical connection for heat and defroster). Top is in Dallas Texas and nothing has to be done except easy connect to your car. Doc at docinvestments@yahoo.com
  12. Original black leather bucket seat(passenger). Excellent condition w/o tears or scrapes,etc. You must pick up or arrange for shipping. $100.00 Get it now and replace your worn out seat docinvestments@yahoo.com
  13. Beautiful top with excellent headliner. Must arrange your own shipping from Dallas,Texas or pick up locally if you want. Doc docinvestments @yahoo.com Enlarge
  14. I have the driver's window switch that controls all the windows in the car. Is that the switch you need? The switch works perfectly. $50.00 plus shipping and hanling seems a fair price. Doc docinvestments@yahoo.com
  15. Excellent condition. Paint and headliner and portal windows are in great condition. You must arrange shipping from Dallas Texas. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  16. Both(driver/passenger) original rear window glass with maseratti engraved emblem. You can have for $75 plus shipping/handling/insurance from Dallas Texas, docinvestments@yahoo.com
  17. These panels are like new and have interior lights/lenses in them. If you are in Texas you can save on shipping/handling. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  18. Two button control(on/off)located in middle panel for back window defroster control. Made in Canada by Chrysler with number 257 9 A. Also numbers under chrysler symbol of 4373654 and 93596A. Works and looks new . Took out of my 1990 TC Maserati. $35 plus postage/handling. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  19. 1990 TC airbag(black)never deployed. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  20. Give me a reasonable and/or best offer on any of the following parts: White power mirrors(driver and passenger) in excellent working condition. Black leather sunvisors(driver and passenger). Inside door panels(black leather)with working lights:like new. White hardtop with clear portal windows and back heated original glass window. Back seat storage door. Rear quarter window glass(original)and in excellent condition. Black leather passenger bucket seat in excellent condition. Original (never deployed) air bag. Driver's window switch excellent working condition. Console switch. Original sales brochure. Chilton manual. Rear top chrome piece. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  21. Do you want a switch that works? I have one that is from my 1990 TC. If you want it I will take $40 plus handling/postage. It is a fair offer as the ones on ebay are junk. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  22. I have the driver/passenger outside power mirrors which work perfectly. I am asking only $100.00 plus postage/handling for them. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  23. I have one which works perfectly. How much do you want to pay for it? Give me your best offer. docinvestments@yahoo.com
  24. Rear storage door for 1990 TC. Like new condition. $100 plus postage/handling. Location: Dallas Texas docinvestments@yahoo.com
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