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  1. This was on a 61 Studebaker V8 The armature was no good but I saved these parts in case someone can use them. 3 inch diameter pulley, 2 thrust washers, nut and lock washer, keyway, through bolts and front and rear covers. The bearing in the front cover is smooth, bushing in rear cover good as well. SOLD located S.F. Bay Area I take paypal and money orders. Any questions please pmail me.
  2. Try Centerville Auto Repair Grass Valley, CA They specialize in Buick Nailhead parts. 1953-1966. 530-272-1564 I bought an aluminum WCFB Carb air cleaner adapter from them and it was very nice quality for a very reasonable price.
  3. Not my car, No affiliation. Also not on the East Coast, but may be worth your time. Not much rust out here in CA.. A true barn find in excellent original condition....1961 Buick special with only 52800 original miles (that is less than 800 miles a year).Only 4232 produced so rather hard to come by, especially in this excellent condition.Very unique engine as it was the first all alloy V8 (215cc).Automatic transmission with gear lever on the steering column.It runs & drives fantastic.Interior looks almost brand new.Exterior is very straight with no dings. Two tone paint. This car will make an excellent restoration or a super customized classic.Drive it away today for only $6975 OBO.Call or text Mick at the number above for more details and a test drive.... you won't regret it! (650) 400-2048
  4. A pair of 56 Ford interior trim parts. The vertical pieces that go inside the windshield left and right sides.These are off of a 56 Ford 4 door Town Sedan.
  5. They are indeed. Plenty of room for 6 inside as well. The deal is in the making, looks like the car will be headed to New Zealand
  6. My ads here, on craigslist and the studebaker forum have generated very little interest. I have one interested party in New Zealand, so looking like the car may be heading there... This is kind of the last call for California and stateside...I have to give him an answer soon.
  7. Best Gasket set RS 524 K Has Composite head gaskets. One head gasket has a mild bend see pic 3. Timing cover gasket has a bend see pic 4. Missing most of Oil Pan gaskets, both Manifold gaskets and possibly one or two other small gaskets. I didn't buy this set, just rescued it from oblivion in the hopes someone can use it. SOLD
  8. Yes, as of right now it is still for sale. I have another party who seems interested but he has yet to see it or have it looked at by a third party as he is out of my area. Are you local to the S.F. bay area? to California? Al Here are a few more recent photos after I did some paint touch up and a service on it.
  9. Thanks for your fast response. I will pass, I have a Belair sport sedan and it is not pictured in the images.
  10. can you post a couple of pics of the inside or pmail them to me? Is it a reproduction or original? how many pages or does it just fold open to a large page? Also the Tucker item caught my eye, is that a multi page brochure? how many pages? Thanks, I'll check back later today to see if you responded, I didn't get a notification you answered last week.