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  1. I finally got it up on eBay tonight. Here is the link: 1940 Zephyr Convertible Auction Let me know if you have any suggestions/improvements you'd think will help it sell! Thanks for all your help! Brian
  2. I'm not sure which top is correct. I did some searching online and found this photo of a 1940 convertible that shows it does have the seam. I think it says the photo was uploaded by Phil Knapp, so which one is correct Phil? Thanks for your help.
  3. 94-ML-118425-ML- Moved to Lincoln Buy/Sell
  4. The spots shown in the photo are water. The top is a tight fit and tonight he couldn't get it to stretch all the way, so he put a little water on it to help the top so it could be connected at the front. It is the same top in all the photos. I took them all one right after another earlier tonight. Thanks, Brian
  5. Thanks for all the great info so far! Here are some more pictures I took earlier tonight with the top up. I also asked him about the Columbia 2-speed and he said it is a Columbia 3-speed. He also mentioned that the top comes up manually because he didn't get everything connected to the vac system when he got the new top installed.
  6. Hello! I am new to the world of Zephyrs as a friend of mine has asked me to sell his 1940 Convertible for him. I was wondering if you all had any advice on what information collectors are looking for in an eBay auction. The owner is an 80+ year old retired Naval officer and has had this beauty since 1993. When he bought it, it had just over 11,000 miles on it and now it has 12,727. He doesn't know for sure if they are original miles or not, but the previous owner told him they were original miles and the Z was in an estate collection for over 30 years and never driven very much. The VIN is H97188 and I'm not sure what you can tell from that number, but I'm sure someone out there can tell me something. He said he has overhauled the engine in 1995 and replaced the top about that same time. He wants $65,000 for it, but I'm not sure if that's a fair price or not. He also has about $4000 in extra parts that he wanted to "throw in" with the auction, but I imagine we would be better off selling the additional parts separately. I took some photos of it and I'll attempt to post them here. Thanks for all of your help in advance! After reading through a lot of these posts, I'm sure this board can help us out. I will try to answer all questions as soon as possible. Thanks! Brian
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