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  1. the govt had a "great' idea that they would take 2 cars at once thru each booth. to speed up the delay at the border
  2. it's fine just as long as he doesn't read and drive at the same time.
  3. maybe it's a couple of crooks who couldn't figure out they might have needed a bigger getaway car than to have one that gets get great gas mileage and no room,.
  4. why not discount each event for a club member?Our club is putting on 8 events this year.If you discount say $5 for each event a person could see his membership costing alot less plus you have more involment from that person.The local corvette club has a neat idea.They have a point system that they use.If a memeber in their club attends an event,helps out in the event,etc.,he or she is awarded points.At the end of the year the person(s) are awarded prizes.just a few ideas to think about:)
  5. something must have hit the fan.can't say what it was because i would be cussing,.
  6. Now I see why the OWNER of Papa John's Pizza is out delivery his pizza.(have you seen his new commercial?)hehe
  7. I saw a lightly used 1996 Z34 Monte Carlo,black(very pretty),on a dealership lot.Had to have it.In the glove compartment it came with a very nice stack of dealership repairs.Hmmm,fixed or lemon?Bought it.Mistake.I added some more paperwork the next 3 years using it only 40,000 miles.In my job that is about 1 years traveling.Fortunately had also a very dependable little GMC truck that got the most miles put on it.Traded "the black mistake" in on a new 2002 Dakota which I still have.Excellent purchase.
  8. FOR SALE Mercedes restored,new paint,tires,interior,very rare just needs to be aligned.
  9. my caddy is for sale at the right price,"christine" and I need a divorce.But I really could careless about putting a for sale sign on it,putting it in the paper or online.Most cars i see sell usually is by someone walking up to the car at a show or cruise-in.
  10. well,now you know why they have GPS navigation in the cars.
  11. A little different slant to the question.If you drive something that is a an older car that is NOT a muscle car,new or old,that is a big body car restored close to original.I get a kick out of watching the looks and comments.A friend of mine has a 1933 LaSalle which i always tell him he should charge a nickel to look at it.It always draws a crowd.
  12. I had a 1984 fiero.When i sold it,it was on it's 4th set of tires when i did.
  13. It's amazing that sheet metal can be formed into some very neat,sexy and desireable forms.Unfortunately,when it comes to cars that are "green",this doesn't apply:(
  14. It would seem that the tow truck was over heating carrying the car.The driver of the tow truck figured he could cool the motor off by.. putting it in a pool.
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