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  1. sure did, about 2.5 inches from memory
  2. Hi there, she looks like a pretty solid car especially for a convertible! How are the floors? I would recomend that you brace the body before removing it, be sure to triangulate the bracing both length ways and across the body. You will probably get mixed opinions about paint/ rust removal, tank stripping and media blasting both have their drawbacks. Personally if the paint is still reasonable after 55 years I'd leave as much of it in place as I could and spot strip where necessary with a paint strip wheeel. I also use a product called Gem Rust killer thats made by a company in Houston that does an excellent job, and also works well as a etch for bare metal before priming. Lastly and I can't stress this enough, take more photos, lots more photos from lots of different angles!! You cant have too many but you sure can have to few or just not quite right angle. Before after and during disassembly your camera is your most important tool !!!!!!!!! And we all like to see what your doing too ;-) Chris
  3. I figured the bell housing wouldn't bolt up but could you switch out the 57 bellhousing to the 53?
  4. I see a couple for sale over on v8buick but they refer to them as GM 10 bolts, is that what I have ? They apear to be the "Tin hat " type diff
  5. Looking to buy a Posi and low ratio for 65 Wildcat rear end (pumpkin type 3rd member) 3.40 ish ratio.
  6. Where can I get a Posi and a low ratio crown wheel and pinion for a 65 Wildcat rear end??
  7. Wow 8 trannies, I was looking around for tranny rebuild kits and they seem to be the same as the TH400 kits and but just wanted to confirm this. Also any ideas where I might get a posi unit and lower ratio for the rear end?
  8. I used a Mustang tank ( cheap and new $75 )and welded my filler neck into it as that was about the only usable part of the old tank. Its pretty close, had to shorten the tank straps slightly.
  9. Thanks Greg, are the trans internals the same as the GM th350/400? With the rear end does it share the pumkin and/or internals with any gm rears like the 12 and 10 bolt? The 66 electra I had years ago had a tin cover on the rear and is visually quite different to the one I just got as its a removeable head/third member/pumkin style.
  10. Hmm good point its from a 65. I had a couple of previous threads about the the engine so was assuming people would know from those. I know ass of u and me
  11. Got my Wildcat running gear home now and in the garage and I have some questions. First the rear axle,is it uniuqe to Buick or does it share parts with other GM rears? I'm wanting to put a Posi in it and maybe change the ratio depending on what it is. Next the trans, its should be a ST400, how do I confirm this? Also are the internals on the trans uniuqe to buick or the same as chevy TH 350/400? Thanks, Chris
  12. Its in western Kentucky, near Mayfield.
  13. He did have a lot of Pontiacs. I'm picking my stuff up tomorrow so I'll have another look, what were you wanting or did you mean a complete car?
  14. Buicknewbee, I'm going to rack and pinion and mustang II type front suspension so it will all be coming out and be for sale
  15. Buicknewbee, I will be taking the complete front suspension and power steering out of my 57 this year maybe we should talk?
  16. Troy, I've seen reproduction floor pans and inner and outer rockers for sale on Ebay so they'd be worth looking into. I'd suggest you get yourself a Mig welder, I got a Eastwood 135 amp unit and its very good, user friendly and better than some of the hobart welders I've used. What area are you in as I'm sure there are some guys here that would be happy to take a look in person, myself included. Buicks are our crack-cacaine here so take advantage of that ;-)
  17. I'm upgrading the running gear on my 57 so the old stuff is for sale. The rearend has new wheelcyls and shoes, the dyna flow I replaced just a few hundred miles ago and is from a 40,000 mile 59. I dropped the pan and it really did look like it was genuine milage with very clean fluid no sludge at all in the pan. It drives perfectly!! The engine is a good news bad news deal,it is a good runner (4barrel) but. The bad news, I recently developed a leak in one of the freeze plugs (drivers side) so replaced all 6 in the block and while doing that I discovered a fairly big crack in the water jacket on the passengers side running lengthwise below the center freeze plug. Surprisingly it is not leaking as it is easily visable. With new plugs it is not losing any water,really its not! I'm not trying to say its a perectly good engine and it is whats spurred me into putting a 425 in it but hopefully it can still be of some use to someone. Price wise I'm not to sure, I paid $325 for the dynaflow and feel I got a really good deal after driving it. The engine????? I have been told the 4V inlet manifold is desirable..... and the rearend, well I don't see many people queing up for them;)
  18. Firstly thanks to the guys for helping me identify the 425 (see my earlier thread). It was supposed to be a good runner, well the guy was half right,it is a runner! It started right up but it has a lot of crankcase blow-by but no nasty noises. So I bougt it anyway once we negotiated a better price, I bought the motor gearbox and rearend all to go in my 57:D so thats my new winter project!! The pics are of the donor 65 Wildcat and a few of the other cars he had laying around,he has about 200 in total with a leaning towards Pontiac
  19. Thanks for the help guys, I'm heading there tomorrow to buy it if it runs good which he says it does. I'll take pics and post them tommorrow night.
  20. No he's about 3 hrs drive from me and I havent seen it yet. Does the LW before the 186 denote 425? Also what are the chances this car would have a posi diff ?
  21. Noticed your post as I've been looking at this car as a father son project 1972 BUICK SKYLARK CUSTOM any thoughts folks
  22. An update from my seller he got me the number from the passenger side of the valley cover and its LW 186 so I'm hoping that confirms its a 425. Does the 186 mean its a very early in 65 engine????
  23. Ok guys the seller has given me this number off the machined surface just in front of the valley pan on the drivers side 5X1T8930 he thinks that the 1 may be a L making it 5XLT8930. If the 3rd and 4th didget are LT would that make it a 401 ?? Or are the LT, LW,LX letters meant to be at the start of the engine number? It does have the wildcat 465 air cleaner on it.