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  1. My best guess would be the 60's. These were probably supplied to the dealers by a company licensed by GM and they supplied different versions. very hard to nail down exact info. Ed Dade City,Florida
  2. The road sander thingy was actually offered on 67 and possibly 68 Camaro's as a factory option. It is very rare. Ed Dade City,Fl
  3. I use lemon Pledge under the hood on inner fenders and panels. Not sticky,and leaves a nice patina. Same with the trunk area, door jambs etc. Someone mentioned on my quest for a rotating brush and why I don't just use Ebay. I do not and will not use PayPal and most sellers have gone to this method of payment. Ed Dade City,Fl
  4. Nope they work with a regular garden hose, no fancy and expensive power systems. Ed Dade City,Fl
  5. I have not seen these in a while but had one years ago. It's a long aluminum handle with a circular brush on the end. When the water is turned on the brush rotates and does a nice job of getting in nooks and crannies on modern cars. I would not use it on my antique cars but I guess it could be. Anyone know where to purchase other then Ebay? Thanks. Ed Dade City,fl
  6. Buicknewbee,just curious where in Florida it was located. I live in Fla and have missed cars only miles away only to find out a good buddy who is no where close to the car scooped it up overnight!!! Ed Dade City,Fl
  7. Matt you are in trouble now, hope the couch is comfortable!!!! Ed Dade City,Fl
  8. Matt,i have a simple solution for you KEEP IT!!!! There are some Corvair clubs in your area hook up with them and have even more fun. BTW the Corvair national convention is in Knoxville TN June 23-27,if you decide to sell it this would be the place. Ed Dade City,Fl A certified Corvair "nut" for 30 years"
  9. Nice van and has later Corvair features such as a Spyder (turbo) dash,65 only horn ring and a car sourced engine. Truck engines had the dipstick out the back of the engine. Engine has 64 only fan belt guard and alternator. Looks pretty close to a deluxe interior. 1961 was the only year vans did not have a windshield post drip molding and the ash tray handle had "ash tray" written on it. Love to have it but just bought a 63 convertible. Good luck. Ed Dade City,Florida
  10. Anyone know the air date yet? Ed Dade City,Fl
  11. Forgot to mention Fantom Garage. Neat shop, anyone ever been there? I'd sweep the floors just to hang out there! Ed Dade City,Fl
  12. I like Graveyard Carz only because he restores back to and better then factory. His jabs at his crew are hilarious to. Wheeler-dealers is OK,Chasing Classic Cars is good but to many exotic foreign cars to relate to. Americarna is very good and highlights some neat stuff as does What's in the Barn. Gas Monkey Garage is just plain stupid. Ed Dade City,Fl
  13. Could have been a special order or built later on. I have seen a 56 SD with a wagon type tailgate and have owned a 56 ambulance with this type of window installed. Very unusual car and worth restoring correctly. Ed Dade City,Fl
  14. love the Corvair panel van near the end parked by the curb. Couldn't see the business logo on it though. Ed Dade City,fl
  15. I kind of like Graveyard Carz. The insults Mark hurls at his guys are hilarious but what I really like is that he restores his cars to stock and does them beautifully. Fantom Works is OK, a lot less drama then most shows. I love his shop. Has anyone ever been there? Wheeler-Dealers is OK too,especially when they do American cars although my favorite was the 1903 Darraqc (sp?). I would love to see the London-_Brighton run. Counting Cars is so-so. They have a tendency to hack cars up. Chasing Classic Cars is interesting. Must be nice to travel all over,spend boatloads of money and have people ready to do anything you want. Ed Dade City,Florida
  16. WOW. Just when you think these shows can't be anymore ridiculous this comes along. I watched it for fun and it wasn't even that. Wonder if there is anyway to get a hold of the producers? Ed Dade City,Fl
  17. Just attended a Tin Can tourist meet yesterday here in Dade City,Fl. All I can say is WOW!!!! Never seen or knew there were so many people and beautiful travel trailers involved. Each one was different and all were true to their vintage. Great friendly people to. Ed Dade City,Florida
  18. My wife is a nurse and she cannot understand why this was not found at the time of the accident. Surely this has created some problems over the years,heck even a small piece if foreign matter will give a sign that something is wrong. The 'bar code" on his forehead is for his temperature monitoring much like a scanning code on items. Truly weird. Ed Dade City,Fl
  19. Need a 62 Corvair Greenbrier van transported from Marysville WA to anywhere south of Atlanta. Can possibly get vehicle movable. Call 352-437-5139. Ed
  20. I've known Tom for over 30 years and his collection never ceases to amaze me . Luckily I live about 10 miles away so see him often. Ed Dade City,Fl
  21. John, great news. Even my original un-restored 1960 Corvair feels better!!! Hope to see you somewhere down the road. Ed VCCA#47508 TA#99 Dade City, Florida
  22. Although he passed on in 2011 my father-in-law was a flight engineer on B-17's and B-24's at Hickam on Dec 7th. He didn't get a scratch but witnessed a lot of his buddies perish as well as dozens of planes. To the day he died he would not own anything made in Japan, and I feel the same way. Ed Dade City,Florida
  23. Good advice from all the posters so far. the engines in these trucks are bullet proof. Only advice I can give is join Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (vcca.org). Lots more advice, parts and info. Ed Dade City,Fl
  24. Heck I'd just like to find a modern day ramp truck that is affordable and not beat to death. Ed in Florida
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