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  1. The road sander thingy was actually offered on 67 and possibly 68 Camaro's as a factory option. It is very rare. Ed Dade City,Fl
  2. I've got to throw my 2 cents into this. I joined the original National Nomad Club in 1970 and Classic Chevy Club in 1974. Both clubs at the time let modified cars into meets and conventions. However when it came to judging they were severly penalized from the get go. They simply did not and could not compete with stock classes. Now I recently joined VCCA. I have an original 60 Corvair but it is modified in that it has radial tires. Am I now banned from showing up? I think the word crisis is a little strong. In reading the latest issue I see where there is a motion to let GMC trucks into our
  3. Have had at least 20 Corvairs over the years.Presently have an original unrestored 60 Canadian built sedan (38,000 miles).A daily driver 64 convertible and am working on a 62 Corvan an ex-Bell telephone truck one of 6 known.I'm the tech advisor for 60-64 Corvair cars and 61-65 Corvair trucks in the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America.Ed Bittman Dade City,Fl
  4. To Larry S and Corsa1948: yes I've already mentioned my 60 Canadian sedan on CorvairCenter. Larry, my body number is 236. Even though it's lower then some early earlies it was built the 2nd week of Jan 1960. Production of US built Corvairs started in July 59.Ed
  5. You bet, wouldn't own anything else. Over the years I've owned dozens. Should have never sold my rampside pick-up,handiest truck ever built. Great for hauling anything you can load into it. Currently I own a 60 coupe (owned twice), my wife has a yellow 64 convertible and my pride and joy, an all original Canadian built 60 "500" sedan. Oldest documented Canadian Corvair known and possibly the 4th oldest on the planet. People can say what they want about these cars but the truth is they are affordable which is more then you can say about 99% of the cars out there,and they are great everyday driv
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