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  1. Keep us posted on your progress.I have been working on and off ( mostly off) of my 38 coupe for years. This might provide me with some inspiration to get moving on the interior.
  2. Ian, Thanks for the tip to check out Restoration Specialties. While I did not find the bow end clip, I saw plenty of other items that I liked. Here is a picture of the end piece. Doug
  3. I am looking for a source for the "L" shaped clips that attach to the end of the headliner bows. I am missing several of my coupe and I have not able to locate replacements or be successful in making my own replacements. I have spent quite a bit of time looking at interior hardware catalogs and on line but so far no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I have a 38 Dodge Business coupe and it has a sway bar on it. I don't know if I have any information on it, but I was able to update the rubber bushings many years ago.
  5. Wow, what a great set up. Was that picture taken on the OSU campus by chance?
  6. I see postings from time to time from hotrodderplymouth on ebay as well. Doug Behnke
  7. Is it possible that that the new cable is slightly shorter and is not engaging the back of the speedo?
  8. Pappy, See if this helps. I can take pictures from different angles if needed.This is the drivers side hood panel on my coupe. DB
  9. Pappy, I have a 1938 D8 business coupe that I will take pictures of the hood latch for you this weekend. I am not however 100 % sure on how to attach the picture.
  10. I own a 1938 Dodge D8 Business coupe (six cylinder) and experienced similar problems. In my case it was a combination of issues that finally solved my problem. I pulled the distributor and found the insulation had cracked on the wires going to the points causing intermittent grounding. I replaced that wiring and at the same time I installed new points and condenser. I also purchased a new distributor cap and spark plug wires. Once that was completed, I hooked up my timing light to make sure I had a strong spark. I then installed a 6 volt positive gound inline fuel pump, and wired it to a swi
  11. Dear Reg, I really am grateful for the picture of your '38 Dodge coupe radio antenna placement. I had one other picture that showed the cowl antenna placement on the drivers side, but your picture is much clearer. Thank you very much. Doug Behnke
  12. I was able to locate are refurbish a radio for my 1938 Dodge Business Coupe. I am currently using a late model radio antenna but I would like to install the proper type and style. I would like to have a picture of the appropriate location and style of radio antenna. My research so far indicates that a cowl mount radio antenna was used. Any help would be appreciated. D Behnke Delaware Ohio
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