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  1. hello ctcaddy we have a 29 ruxton sedan we insure it for $300,000 we came to this value based on recent auction prices. we insure with hagerty and they did not dispute the value at all I think if we were off base on our assesment they may have balked at the insured value. I dont know that the car would sell for this in todays market i hope this helps. So this leads me to ask do you have a Ruxton if so where is it located and what condition is it in we have a fare amount of info on them.
  2. I just purchased a 1931 willys 6 with a straight 6 and it has a cracked head would like to buy a replacement head or compleat engine any leads would be appreciated thanks Brian
  3. The green car with silver hood sides is a Nelson i think 1921, Grey body with black fenders is a cutting not sure of year can confirm later if someone wants to know, white car with red wheels ia a McFarland 1919, red car is an owen magnetic, cream with grey fenders is a Pierce Arrow 1928, cream with black fenders is a Daniels 1921, Teal colored car is a hupmobile 1933, small sedan on shelf is an American Austin 1932. Rest in peace my friend, I will miss you Brian
  4. I posted this about a year ago, thought I would throw it out there again. Looking for any information on the Ross Automobile Co. We have a 1915 Ross with a Herschell-Spillman V-8. The car is in very poor condition and was wondering if anybody knows of any other existing cars or information. I already have copies of the AACA library info. Thanks Brian
  5. Re post # 60 we have a 1910 elmore 4 cyl 2 stroke curently undergoing restoration. It is a rather simple design looking forward to running the motor this spring Brian
  6. Thanks for the great scans. Anything on Traffic Trucks?
  7. Bart Baily probably has the car that came out of the Wickham collection in Mattituck NY. Whickham bought the car from the Henry Ford Musiem he held on to the car for a few years and was contacted by a man from MA who wanted the car he claimed to have some connection to the Bailey Co. Mr. Wickham felt he should have the car if he had a connection to the manufacturer, so he sold the car to him. After the sale of the car he found another Bailey in a warehouse in the upstate NY area and purchased the car and sold it about two years ago and i believe it is now in TX. The second Baily car wasres
  8. You must have the Bailey that came out of the Wickham collection
  9. here on the east end of Long Island had about 6-8 inches nothing the old fergison tractor couldn,t push around
  10. 20 Primear wondering where you are located. We have a 20 or 21 open touring located on the east end of Long Island car is compleat and unrestored. I will look to sea what liturature we have in the file. Brian
  11. Can anyone tell me how to get additional copies of the monthly publication? Thanks Brian
  12. Got the manifold last week and was able to get it installed on Friday. It was perfect NOS and went in without a hitch. Just have to make a few more small repairs and we will be ready for the sun and warm weather. Bossmustang I cant thank you enough for the tip. Brian
  13. I am starting to think that we may have the only surviving Ross.
  14. Just recieved info from library although it was limited it was more than I've been able to come up with anywhere else. The library is a great resource and we should all be thankfull that it is there for us.
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